Monday, 19 January 2009

Pub Poker (Again)

It seems that nearly every hostelry worth its salt is jumping on the poker bandwagon here in York. Alongside the regular quiz nights, curry clubs etc etc, it seems there is a poker night in a pub near you. And it's not just the local boozers which are offering a weekly hold 'em tournament, so too are the city centre ones. Just off the top of my head, I could attend a poker night at no less than fourteen different pubs within three miles of my front door; and could attend one on any given evening from Sunday through to Thursday.

Although it is almost a given that the standards of play, equipment, knowledge of rules etc etc will invariably vary from poor to horrendous; it seems now that the provision of a cheap live game of poker has never been more accessible for the casual player. Although I had a mixed personal response to the last pub event I attended; I have decided to give another event a try, which is to be this Wednesday at the Golden Lion in York city centre. I used to go to school with the landlord, Ben, who is also TD for the evening. With this being their first event, I'm hoping to be able to offer some help and advice. Who knows, maybe I could get on the gravy train and help with the weekly tournament in return for a few free jars.

Full report (and possibly pictures) will come following the event.

Thanks for reading,
Mountain Man


moDtheGod said...,,10418~1122591,00.html

Wanna go, Tim? :D

moDtheGod said...

Hmm, link came out wrong,,10418~1122591,00.html

moDtheGod said...

What the fuck keeps happening? :D

I copy the link fine, click "Publish" and it comes out wrong!

Try this:

Mountain Man said...

That could be a goer actually. I know I promise all these things and then lame-ass out, but that really could be one to do.

It's also on my birthday, so another excuse to attend ... I reckon overnight digs in Sheffield could be in order. Anyone else up for this ?

Mountain Man said...

Well it was a bit farcical. 6 players (myself and a mate included). We played two STT's, a freeroll for a pint (which I went out fourth) and a game for a fiver, which I duly won. Not worth a full report, I'm afraid. Was home for eleven, but a few good pints, including Magnet !