Thursday, 8 January 2009

Friday Yankee

Now I'm not normally one for mutiples but I have the feeling Malcolm Jefferson is going to have a good day tommorow at Kelso and has four massive chances.

12.40 - Mcmurrough (around 3/1)
13.40 - Issaquah (around 7/4)
14.40 - Moscow Catch (around 5/4)
15.40 - Quannapowitt (around 5/2)

So you may think the prices aren't great but I really think there is a big chance that he could have four winners. These are all really progressive, unexposed horses. The odds of all 4 winning are around 86/1. I shall be placing a nice little yankee and expecting some sort of return. Even a couple of winners should mean we get most of our cash back and 3 would see a nice profit.

1 comment:

moDtheGod said...

Erm, why not a lucky 15? You having big singles separately?

Might have a little tickle myself.