Thursday, 2 July 2009

Dogs Die In Hot Cars

Heard sad news on the radio earlier that two German Shepherds were left in a police car in Nottingham and were both found dead some time later. Nottingham had temperatures of 28 degrees and the temperature in the car could have reached something ridic like 50 degrees. Pretty terrible and I'm glad they have launched an investigation. The officers must be pretty brain dead to think it would be fine to leave the animals in the car in those conditions.

Anyway, the story reminded me of one of my favourite bands. 'Dogs Die In Hot Cars' come from St Andrews and never made it big, they had a couple of songs in the top 40. They only released one album I believe and split in 2007. I'll attach one of their songs and if you like it I highly recommend their album 'Please Describe Yourself' - you can probably pick it up for a couple of quid. Or download Spotify and listen to them on there.

Hmmmmmm, just searched for them on youtube and not much there tbh - here is a video of some twat mining over one of their songs, listen and ignore the video.....


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