Thursday, 9 July 2009

1st win in on the board, and casino action

So everything still seems to be going well, well onwards and upwards that is. Just about 2 hours ago I have eventually broke my duck and won a tournament. Also had a few more cashes on ipoker 2nd for $360 was nice but my KK vs 10J heads up was no good.

Deposited to Ladbrokes after a nice run in cash last night at the casino which ill have a chat about in a minute. Played the 1750 euro gar 299 runners. Um not much to say about the tourney other than it turned into a crapshoot near the end but . I think this one was the clincher to be honest. Just before this hand tho I had just doubled through the big stack with AQ vs his 88 to put me on 700k in chips.

cant find one of those hand history things so this description will need to do, 4 left and I have 66 utg. Short stack is on the sb with around 29k left, blinds 15k 30k.
im utg and the button also calls, se we go into the hand 4 way with short stack all in, I’m holding 66 and the flop comes down 10 6 3, I just bet out 55,555 into around 130k the button then raises me to 120k which I then shove my stack into him he calls an has 33 so it’s a sick flop, short stack has 79 for a gut shot which doesn’t hit so I go into heads up 1.1million chips vs. 600k after about 10 hands or so I ve grinded him down to around 300k in chips with the huge blinds and get my chips in with Q9suited vs his A7, 9 on turn and its all over, got lucky but hey you have to J

1st 636.76 Euros, not bad for a 2.5 euro investment


So as I was saying, yeah cash went well in the casino. Went down with budge after a few pints in the local. Didn’t really have that much money to be honest so I sat down with £45 on a 7 handed table.
Didn’t look up to much as the new schedule had just kicked in and this was the first time poker has ever been on in the casino on a Tuesday night. So after about 5 hands I’ve already eyed up the table and I have an absolute donkey sitting 2 to my right, he was definitely going to be throwing away money in this game. Not long after this I look down at 1010 in mid position and there has just been a raise to £3 and then the donkey has min re raised to 6,I just flat call so do another 2 players. The flop comes down 10K4 with 2 spades, original raiser checks and the donk bets £10, I just shove for my £40 and its folded to him. He thinks for a bit and calls, 2 blanks come out and he throws over AQ off. Nice call sir thanks for that £100 potJ

I didn’t really play much for a bit being quite dead but there has been 77 on the flop about 5 or 6 times, so utg I have 6c7c and just call, think we had a family pot here anyway the board is 7710. Its checked to me and I just bet £3 with 2 callers, budge and the donkey. The turn brings a very nice looking 6 to fill me up, Budge checks Donk bets out £5 and I raise to £19.Budge starts to shrug and huff n puff and now im thinking he has the 7 or 89, he calls and so does the donk. The river blanks and budge checks. The donkey now decides to put a bet out of £25 to which I wait for a bit and then shove for 54. Budge then announces do u really have 67 ffs, now I’m sure he has 89 which is kinda sick for him as he’s wanting the donkeys money too. Budge folds donk waits for a bit and folds too. Was a very nice pot but I was obviously kinda pissed off at budge for calling my hand out during play but still nice to take it down, btw donk said he wouldn’t have been calling what ever budge said.

Well that last hand was obviously the main hand of the night but top set scooped me another £50+ pot to the short stacks all in with a flush draw that never came. Stopped and went for something to eat and a few pints with budge where we put £5 each on roulette whilst eating and got it up to £80 which was a nice little bonus too. Went back to the cash game where everyone was starting to drop out due to various excuses but picked up another few nice pots here and there and was up around £245 for night at the cash table so all in all it was a good night.

Whilst my lucks in at the moment think ill play quite a bit now till the weekend and look forward to the cash game at Kenny’s


Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

TheHat said...

Hey Gav, nice work. Can I ask how you play the hand or how you think the hand plays out if you have 78 as opposed to 67? TY

Anonymous said...

You flat with 66 four handed and you are a 'pro'?
Fuck me that is horrible

Mountain Man said...

"Anonymous" (why don't you leave a name ?) can you back up your point with some reasoned justification ?

Also, who said anyone involved in this blog was a Pro ? Can I draw your attention to our introductory statement "The Scoop Troop
Five guys exploring the gambling world in many different ways. If you can bet on it, we will (for pennies). Enjoy reading and any comments are welcomed."

Please feel free to comment on the blog, we don't mind people criticising our play, tips etc, but it would be decent of you to justify your arguments and identify yourself with a moniker or username.

Cheers, thanks for reading.3

Oh, and btw good post Gav, well written and kutgw.

Gav B said...

"""" Anonymous said...
You flat with 66 four handed and you are a 'pro'?
Fuck me that is horrible""""

If I didn't I don't get the pot that sets me up for the win. You didn't see the dynamics at the final table,or how any of the players were playing, I think the call there is fine with what I had seen.

Gav B said...

""""Hey Gav, nice work. Can I ask how you play the hand or how you think the hand plays out if you have 78 as opposed to 67? TY""""

Alright m8, um its a really hard one. I think if I have 78 I might not even be re raising on the turn. If I did re raise it and I don't fill up on the river I would just be calling a bet on the river. Also depends on the action before me too.

If it was 2 different players in the pot I think I might even play the hand totally different, and most likely get all in on the turn as a lot of players down there would be dumping them in when they hit that on the turn.

moDtheGod said...

I just remembered why I fell out with poker. It's saturated with know-it-all twats. I'm quite sure that the anon comment will be laden with sarcasm, it's probably some Dav-esque geekpoker in-joke.

But it's gay.