Saturday, 25 July 2009


Will the football season please hurry up!

Good write up on the King George from Will below. I'll take your advice and have some on Conduit but 2/1 too short for a single for me so going to stick it in some combos with this lot below. No early prices, so prices are just RP predictions....

Crayford 12.39 - T1 Glenthorn Lass 7/2
Crayford 12.57 - T5 Newlawn Chloe 5/2 - WON
Romford 12.17 - T5 Fridays Jewel 5/2
Romford 1.04 - T6 Slieve Rain 9/2
Romford 1.49 - T3 Compliance Spark 5/2 - WON

GL all,


EDIT: 9 or 10 days into the weight loss prop bet. This is the healthiest I've felt for a long time. Still fat but I've probably dropped a pound or two. I'm getting mixed reports about the other two - I think they are trying to bluff me with reports of pizza and ice cream eating whereas others are saying they are looking slimmer. Going to push on this week and hopefully lose 3 or 4 pounds total.

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TheHat said...

Two winners from 5 but unfortunately the SPs were 6/4 for both - not sure if they opened any bigger. Still break-even level stakes on these 5 and if u add in Conduit I made profit. Small Scoop.