Thursday, 23 July 2009

Quiet Month (Again !)

It's not very often I look camp, so I thought I would treat you to this lovely photo !!!

I've had very little going on in the gambling / gaming world, so I'm afraid this post will be a quick "life update" ! However, the footie season is around the corner (in fact I believe it's only a fortnight until the opening English Football League season kicks off, someone correct me if I am wrong), so I may have a bit of a punt on some promotion / relegation candidates after the final comings and goings have occurred in the transfer market.

The main reason I haven't been punting has been a lack of disposable income, owing to a plethora of holidays and trips away. With a holiday in the Lake District, closely followed by a weeks racing in the Isle of Man and in a fortnights time a week in Scotland, I've had little time to draw breath ! I've also tucked away a years supply of barbecues and beer in less than a month, to the extent I've become sick of them ... I'm sure that will change soon enough though !

I'll be in Dundee on Wednesday 12th August (the glorious twelfth !) if any fellow troopers fancy drinking ? I mentioned the prospect of a cash game to Kenny, but apparently issues with venues make this an almost non-starter. As my accommodation that week will be at the Hilton, I'm sure it would be rude not to call into the Gala Casino of an evening !

Hope to catch some of you up there soon, guys !

Thanks for reading,

Mountain Man

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