Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Kenny's Cash Game

A highly enjoyable night with the game lasting til 7am. Good banter and was good to see guys like Will. Only downside was the lack of internet at Kenny's house which meant missing out on UFC bets and greyhound action where it turned out I picked 5 winners out of 8 bets. And Alan Belcher was absolutely robbed at UFC 100. Anyway, here is some shit photos from the night....

Mr Will Walsh dealing after bustoing himself early

New Scoop Trooper Gav displaying a fine skin head

Game started at 8pm, with Magicman sleeping by 9

Iain was delighted to see that Gav Lee was in attendance

The 4 Scoop Troop Scots


I probably just won a pot v. Gav

Scoop Trooper Kenny

Someone gave Iain the remote


pokerbudge said...

lolol- lot's of dead money then :(

moDtheGod said...

Awesome pics. Sort the mugshots out though, please. It looks shit, they need to be made the same size.

Will Walsh said...

was a good laugh-shame i busted so early but its money being loaned as its coming back my way next time!