Saturday, 4 July 2009

Saturday's Gambling

Just been looking through the morning/afternoon dogs cards for tomorrow so think I'll head down to the bookies in the morning before hitting the casino for the £20f at 3pm.

I'll post my selections on here so if anyone is bored sitting at home they can lose/win a few pennies backing these. Check the video I've attached at the bottom for some vintage greyhound action.


10:38 - T5 Tourna Abbey
11:07 - T5 Brick
11:23 - T3 Lisnafulla Angie
12:24 - T3 Trumpers Dubh
12:39 - T4 Black Sensation
12:57 - T4 Margan Lassy
1:58 - T6 Lordsbury Tenor


11:58 - T3 Pantone Hepburn
12:17 - T3 Archers Satin
1:04 - T3 Ivy Knows

Here is a an amazing video of Scurlogue Champ(T6) doing what he does best. Unbelievable performance.....

GL all


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TheHat said...

Turns out I looked at Friday's Oxford card by mistake. My NB won at 4/1, lol.