Saturday, 4 July 2009

1st Month, didnt start as i wanted :(

So its been a telling time and things just were not going to plan, so after a long month I was looking at a deficit of around $900 upwards. Although most of this would be covered by the whopping amount of rake its still not the best situation to be in. So 2 days before end of month I decide to start playing a lot more MTTs instead of just playing away on heads up to try and get a nice cash on the board. So first night I played 5 fairly smallish $20 or so buy in tourneys and cash in 3 bubble one and donk out early in one of them with AK vs the wonderful 910 which was re re raised pre lol. Flop came 768 gg gav. Not exactly the best but $100 profit for the day isn’t really that bad.

So its last day of the month and same again I decide to crack on with the tourneys, cash in a few again but seem to be getting stuck making that ft and 13th and 14th respectively just isn’t going to do the trick. last tourney of the night was the $10 short handed 3.5k gar. Played well and got 3 handed and found my A8 on a A84 flop busted by Ak with a K on the river. Guy slow played and I got my chips in miles ahead $337 cash not so bad but 2nd was $633 and 1st $1050 so was fairly gutted.

So it would seem things were starting to pickup, so start of the month I decide to just crack on with STTs and over 2 days I’m up around $300 which isn’t bad at all. My graph on sharkscope is quite hilarious to be honest (JuanKoff,Ipoker) if anyone’s interested. Starting to get the money back which Is always good. I’m starting to feel a lot more confident playing and its definitely showing as I’m going far in everything I’m playing, just need to get over that last hurdle and pick up a nice win.

So today/yesterday now whilst I’m typing this, I decide to play a sat to the $100k $100 rebuy on ipoker. Things go well and me and budge (3betmybluff) get a ticket. Decide to have a chilled day and watch the tennis. Until Johnny Spiers decides to ask me to finish a tournament on Ladbrokes for him as he was going to the golf. Since there was only 6 from 130or so left he nicely offers me 75/25.I gladly accept and go on to boss the final table and win him a nice 213 Euros, netting myself and easy £50.So nice little confidence boost for the 100k at 8pm which was a fair while away.

So it was 8pm and the $100 rebuy just started, planned to play it like a freeze out and only played AK in first hour and cos that was the only thing I got. So it gets to the break and I go down stairs for a drink. I come back up and find myself with 1500 chips more than I left with so I check my balance and its $100 short. Im obviously raging at this as it seems ive now just taken a rebuy on the last hand for 1500 chips where as if I actually wanted one I would have just got an add on for 2000 chips. Being highly annoyed I get straight onto live chat and a go crazy to be told sorry we cant do anything please contact your affiliate manager so ^*%$ them. I nurse my relatively low 2740 stack to a nice 1k stack just before the 2nd hour mark loooooooooooool. I then find AQ and shove for my 1010 and I’m snapped 2 behind me from Q9 and no one else calls, I’m now up to 2.5k and I’m still in the game, after the break I find myself on the bb with Kd5d and astonished to find 6 callers and I’m getting to see a free flop. It comes down Ad2d9h and the muppet who had Q9 decides to bet out pot, I’m now prepared to take my gamble to be honest and after the others fold I stick my stack in, he snaps me again with Jd10d and K hi ends up winning lol. So after a while its now getting close to bubble time and we have a few guys on Mikogo (Scott,Budge,Adam,Johnny) having a nice bit of banter. To be honest I don’t know how I even got this far without having any hands throughout the whole thing. A few nice bets around the bubble gets me up to a nice stack of 24k to then be pegged back with 88 vs 1010 to go back to 16k. I fold for abit and ive now made the top 50 for a gar $450 return. To cut long story short I end up shipping my 13k stack in with 44 utg to be re raised by JQ and then re shoved from JJ no miracle for me and its out the tournament in 37th place for $600 bit gutted but from having 600 chips at one point before my AQ all in I really cant complain. Things looking up for this month and I’m now in a nice bit of profit and have a bit to work on now.

Big one coming J


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