Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The Three Fatties: Prop Bet

During the cash game at the weekend Gav discussed wanting to lose weight so I offered some sort of bet to encourage him cos I'm always fat. We couldn't really agree on the details because I wanted the bet to run to the end of August but he wanted something short term which I wasn't overly delighted with because this means it's more of a starvation thing imo, I could be wrong. I would have been happy to bet a larger amount over the longer period but in the end we decided on a small monetary bet to keep it friendly. Budge ( ) is in on it too, making it a three way battle. See the current weights in the photo attached to the bottom of the post.


Start Date: 15/07/09
Finish Date: 01/08/09
Rules: Person who loses the biggest percentage of their body weight wins. Winner receives £25 from each of the two losers.

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Mountain Man said...

Nice one guys, and good luck to you all ! Wonder if I should be in on this ;-) 15 and a half stone in 12 months is my current form.