Friday, 29 May 2009

Blue Square Greyhound Derby 2009 Final

The final of this month long competition takes place at 10:12 Saturday night at Wimbledon. I'm delighted to have picked something which has made it's way to the final in Farloe Reason. This is one of my favourite dogs and after backing it for the Scottish Derby where it got unlucky stuck in T5 - I said after that I'd be looking to back it for this. I advised at 33/1 antepost and it has traded as short as 4/1. It has a real tough task in the final but I'd be delighted to see it win.

It's an incredible final, with the line up being:

1. Fear Zafonic 3/1
2. Ballymac Ruso 11/4
3. Farloe Reason 7/1
4. Glenard Sunrise 10/1
5. Kinda Ready 25/1
6. Wise Thought 11/4

Fear Zafonic has got it's coveted one box and despite never really setting the world alight so far it obviously has a great chance if getting on the bunny from trap one. FZ has a real chance but Ballymac Ruso has shown phenomenal early pace in the quarters and semis and a repeat of that signals nothing but a win imo.
A dream scenario sees FZ and BR clashing at the rails and Farloe Reason showing good pace through the middle. I'm not optimistic, especially as Glenard Sunrise shows pace up and led Farloe in semis. Kinda Ready has no chance of winning but if there is trouble can run on. Wise Thought is a danger and should get a sweet run out wide and can certainly win.

If I was forced to bet on this race I'd back Ballymac Ruso simply because a repeat of the performances of the last two rounds would mean he wins, but of course this isn't guaranteed. However, I won't be backing anything and will simply be watching with hope that Farloe Reason can pull it out the bag.

I'm delighted with the 25/1 bet on Love Lynx to win the BSQ Hurdle and it's got a great chance in the final which is also on Saturday.

In other news, I've backed Julian Smith (he plays some instrument) to win Britain's Got Talent at about 35/1 and after winning his semi-final yesterday can be backed as low as 10/1. Would be an awesome Saturday if I pulled off the double.

GL all



moDtheGod said...

Scott informs me that the outsider won. Unreal!

I think I might have found a 100% certain money making system. Every time a Scoop Trooper says something along the lines of "X has no chance", then back it. I'm thinking Conduit in the Leger (Will) and now Kinda Ready in the Greyhound Derby, which had "no chance of winning"!

Despite having no dog knowledge, I had a really good gut feeling about tonight. I felt we'd get a good story out of it, so I'm disappointed that Farloe hasn't won. But I've thoroughly enjoyed the ride and Scott's done well to have 25% of the field at the Semis and was unlucky not to have more. I shall certainly be following him ante-post in future.

Unlucky Scott, keep up the good work.

TheHat said...


love you