Friday, 8 May 2009

Greyhound Derby 2nd Round

Had a quick look at how the draw has affected/effected (rar, this always pisses me off) my selections. Some have been handed decent draws, others not so good.

8.00 - Greenwell River runs in the first heat of Friday and has been handed a tough looking draw. Kinda Easy runs from T2 and was fairly impressive in the 1st round where it made all in 28.87. Shelbourne Denny and Tyrur Kenny both won their heats in decent times. Greenwell River recorded a time a few lengths down on these three in the opening round but suffered crowding at 2 bends - I'll be looking for Greenwell River to crack out tonight and lead them all since this will be it's third look at Wimbledon. Might not win but I'm fairly hopeful of qualification in the top 3.

8.15 - Jogadusc Ace is my biggest priced outright winner and has a peachy draw tonight. Breaks well from T1 and shouldn't face too much competition for the lead. Cabra Boss looks a decent dog and will be chasing him home but Jogadusc may hold out. Jogadusc Ace is actually a bit of value at 3/1.

9.45 - Cut from 33s to 16s after an exciting 1st round performance, Farloe Reason looks set to repeat that performance in the Friday's last heat. It has the best early pace of the six and shoudl ping from T3 and grab the rails before bombing to victory. Could be cut shorter when it wins this heat.

8.30 Saturday - Bubbly Totti has been handed a tougish draw but it runs on well and I expect it to qualify from this heat. Windy Millar looked very impressive in the 1st round and should go well again and I like the look of Love Mac from T1 who I may actually back outright at a juicy 130 on Betfair.

9.30 Saturday - To say Barnfield On Air has it tough on Saturday could be a massive understatement. Drawn in T2 between a decent starter in T1 and Derby favourite Fear Zafonic in T3, it looks destined for no run whatsoever. Fear Zafonic should burst clear and T6 Dotland Hit Man should follow him round, I just hope BOA gets a clear run and can claim 3rd.


8.15 Friday Wimbledon
T1 Jogadusc Ace @ 3/1

8.30 Friday Wimbledon
T3 Melodys Pat @ 5/2

8.45 Friday Wimbledon
T2 Cash Dream @ 6/4

9.00 Friday Wimbledon
T6 Barnfield Slippy @ 13/8

9.15 Friday Wimbledon
T1 Head Iton Ellis @ 9/2

9.45 Friday Wimbledon
T3 Farloe Reason @ EVNS

8.00 Saturday Wimbledon
T5 London Walter @ 6/1

A few value selections thrown in there, let's win it all!




TheHat said...

Horror show from me, about 3 2nds!!

All 3 selections through to 3rd round that ran tonight. Including Greenwell River in a blistering 28.61! It was the fastest time of the competition til Boherna Best blasted a 28.59 in the final heat to beat Farloe Reason.

moDtheGod said...

Good news, as I have £20 on each of your main five selections. One time doggies.