Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Boozy Day On The Cards At York

Well, I've remained a bit quiet for a while, so it's time you heard from me again. Firstly, I will eat a huge slice of humble pie for my dismissive comments re: Brawn GP in the Formula One Preview article I wrote some weeks ago. The team has been a revelation and a breath of fresh air in kicking the sport up the proverbial. And don't mention my tip for the title, Ferrari !

Now, most readers of this blog will know that my biggest passion is racing anything with an engine in, however, I still enjoy a good trip to the nags as much as the next man ! (Especially for the drinking and social side of things, I couldn't pick a winner except by fluke, so I'll leave that to Dom if he gets on before tomorrow). Today I was testing a sidecar at Mallory Park, however, tomorrow, (Thursday) I'll be trading horse power, for, well, horse power ! Only this being real horses at York's Dante Festival, and not 125 bhp tyre-shredding beasts.

As I profess to know little about the sport of kings, I won't go on too much just now, other than to say I hope the weather is warm and sunny, the beer cold and the odd bet comes good. Expect a full report and pictures from either myself or Dom in the next few days.

Oh go on then, here's a few random fancies I may have a small e/w punt on:

1.40 - Dazed and Amazed
2.10 - Crystal Capella
2.40 - Redwood or Crowded House
3.10 - Blythe Knight
3.45 - Waffle
4.20 - Trade Secret
4.55 - Sonny Sam

Good luck all ! And remember, these choices are merely pin in the map style, not researched or anything so caution is advised. ;-)

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Mountain Man

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moDtheGod said...

Haven't had time to comment on much other than the Dante.

Crystal Capella has a good shout, impressed me at York last time I was there and represents better value than the odds on favourite. Stoute's yard's in form too.

Waffle must surely go well.

You might get a couple of winners thee, Tim. If you're truly a n00b, you're get three or four like Kenny does!