Sunday, 17 May 2009

York Review

I really do like York. I’ve been to a few racing venues now, including Cheltenham and although the meeting there was excellent, it lacked a certain something when compared with the Knavesmire’s fayre.

My day was a little soured by my health – I’ve not been well and it peaked on Thursday; had the trains and tickets not been pre-booked, I’d have definitely stayed in bed. That said, I did still have fun and it was good seeing Tim again.

From a betting point of view, I didn’t have a great day. It didn’t help that I’d worked nine days on the spin and I’d had little time to study and it helped even less that I really fancied Crystal Capella but was too busy drinking to bet (I’d have had a small profit if I’d got that on) but I finished slightly down, including my antepost bet in the Dante. I did see the lovely Julie Williams again though and made sure I got a bet on with her, I obviously can’t resist a brunette with a Scottish accent.

Not sure what to make of the Dante, I can’t take Black Bear Island (pictured in the darker silks) seriously at all as a Derby contender and I was disappointed with my own pick, Kite Wood. I’m quite certain the winner won’t be coming from that race this year.

A comedy moment was when some young lad in catering sprinted past us and we thought he looked a lot like Arran. We were tittering about it and he saw us laughing and gave us a funny look. He obviously thought we were taking the piss out of him running along, as on the way back he came over and gave me a nudge. He says “Good joke there lads, I’ve got another couple. What’s pink and fluffy? Pink fluff. What’s blue and fluffy? Pink fluff holding its breath.” - to coin a phrase made famous by another DUPS whipping boy, I LOLed. Excellent banter from the youngster.

Here’s a random clip taken around the time of the comedy moment. I’d tried to film the Arran clone but couldn’t quite catch him. You probably needed to have met Gordon Keir from Hustlers to get what Tim’s on about but it amuses me, particularly the way he’s chuntering on before realising he’s being filmed.

I didn’t wander round as much as I usually do, I didn’t even go over to the parade ring or anything. I think it was a mixture of being a bit under the weather and catching up with Tim more than anything. I’m sure I’ll be back to my old self when I return for the Ebor meeting with Laura in August. Can’t wait to go back.

We got the train over to Sheffield after racing as York’s a bit dear for a night out, but due to the weather being horrendous, I cancelled the plans I had in mind about which pubs to go to and we ended up staying in the Bankers Draft all night. I bumped into this random Glaswegian at the bar, who started off taking the piss out of my attire but as soon as I gave him a bit of Scottish vernacular, he became my bessie mate and insisted on sitting with us all night, regaling us with tales of his trip to Dundee to drink in the Balmore and many fights involving Old Firm football fans. It was reminiscent of the tawdriness of Dave Wilkie in the old days of DUPS; his refusal to fuck off and leave us alone, his rubbish catchphrases, his almost certainly exaggerated stories and to cap it off, the removal of his false teeth.

You can hear Tim’s version of events in this clip. It started off as me filming him to see how he’d react and then when I pointed out we’d hardly taken any footage, he went off on this ridiculous monologue.

Will and Kenny – don’t forget about Hamilton. I’m definitely going even if I go alone, but you should try and make it. Are you definitely on holiday Scott? Obviously be great if you could come too. I’m pretty sure it’s Wednesday June 10th.

Take it easy folks. I'm off to sleep soon as I'm up at half four to queue for tickets, to ensure my work pals and old man can go to Wembley. What a way to spend your day off. Might have a look at some bets when I get back.

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The Kenster said...

Looks like you had a great time.

I'm loving these 'Scoop Troop' gathering events. They ensure tawdry banter and drunkenness every time.
I hope to join you for the Hamilton races, and I hope the weather is good for it, and I hope that we get winners. I hope.
(The Shawshank Redemption)