Saturday, 2 May 2009

My Greyhound Derby 2009 Selections.

The first heats on the Derby are tonight, so I thought I'd post my dabblings up and chat a little.
Without any analysis whatsoever, except for the hugely underrated 'lovely-name' picking theorem, I placed some bets on the 09 derby for a laugh, mostly on the long shots of 100-1 and over, but also a small bet on Bubbly Totti as tipped by Scott.

My almost-dog last year, Toosey Blue (I think it got to the semis or quarters) is running again this year, and I'm ashamed to say I didn't back it. If it wins.. god help me.

Also, since recently this space is also turning into a life blog and I haven't spoken in a while, let me just say that I'm still here, I'm going through some exams just now, and when I'm done I'll be partying it up in summer time. So expect visits to London, or Dom in Sheffield for a random race, or some other crazy adventure obscured at present by clouds of future and mystery.
On the job front, I think I'm unemployable, partly because a) I'm not good at bigging myself up, and/or lying about skills and goals. "I don't want a job with you I just want some money." and all that. b) I'm a bit insane and c) Not actually very skilled in computery things, even though I study computing. Lets face it the only 2 jobs I've been accepted in are being a Nanman (turned waiter) thanks to young Dom, and Stockroom Superstar Rapper thanks to Scott, and I wasn't actually any good, having gotten in through 'the back door' (ooer) in the first place.
But hey - who says theres a crisis of confidence in males today? I still don't believe it.

But enough about my life, lets publish these bets so we can follow them as they try to win the 2009 Greyhound derby.

Leave Me @ 1000/1, £0.50 EW Single - at 1000-1 this is amazing value, having only £1 placed on it I stand to win lots if it wins the whole thing. I just hope this dog doesn't 'Leave Me hanging' tonight.

- OUT - Got Mauled in its heat finishing last.

Romeo Out West @ 500/1, £1.00 Single - What a great name. I just couldn't resist: it has the cowboy connection, a legendary love tragedy and it suggests that we might be able to put these together for some kind of awesome. Some kind of awesome.

- OUT - Got Mauled in its heat finishing last.

Ebony Court @ 500/1, £1.00 Single - This reminds me of something: that the involvement of coloured girls in pornography is often classed as 'Ebony' (so I'm told). Bit racist maybe. Imagine all the young men in the stands blushing as this dog races out of the stalls! Great name.

-Runs tonight at 19:45.

Barnfield Slippy @ 200/1, £1.00 Single - Related to Barnfield On Air by breeder, maybe trainer, something like that. I like the thought of a slippy field outside a barn, don't ask me why.

-Got through its heat in 2nd on Friday the 1st May.

Kryptonite @ 100/1, £1.00 Single - Had this dog last year (because of its name), and it came fairly close, being fairly well bested in the final, yet it still has a chance.

-Got through its heat in 2nd on Friday the 1st May.

Bubbly Totti @ 66/1, £5.00 Single - As mentioned, I was advised by the Troop's resident greyhound Gandalf.

-Runs Tonight at 8:15.

That's my choices, I'm sure they'll all be out before long. Be out of the traps, kicking arses!!

Good luck to everyone in the world with an interest in the Derby this year.


I scooped another coupon accumulator with 5 teams today. That's three in my career which started from the beginning of the season. I might be fast becoming the best football accumulator bettor in the world.


Did anyone see the ridiculous football prices today? Arsenal were evens versus Portsmouth, and lots more teams were great prices. It must be because it was about the last game of the season for the lower leagues (excepting play-offs and such). We learnt later that Arsenal made about 8 changes to their team, so I suppose we might've been lucky there getting a win. But 3-0 was a good result.


TheHat said...

Random selections FTW Kenny boy!!!

moDtheGod said...

Probably too soon for you, but Tim and I are meeting in York for racing and drinking on Thursday 14th May. Perhaps that could qualify as your "random race". We already have accomodation for the night sorted, so you'd just need to sort a train and a ticket for the meeting.