Sunday, 3 May 2009


Had a fairly epic day yesterday. Went straight from my football game to a relative's wedding in some decent hotel place and started on the beers. Was a decent event and stayed til about 1am before heading to Dundee Gala Casino with the intention of meeting a few friends, enjoying a few beers and watching the boxing. The casino is open 24 hours this weekend for the bank holiday. Anyway, I get there and sign up for the cash game after about one minute in the building. [ ] good idea

Within 5 hands I get a full double of my £100 when a guy stacks off with 2 pair v my set. Grind it up to about £240 but lose a big chunk getting a load in with QQ v A3 on a 2584 board - great call on flop sir. Only other notable pot was against Martin from when he 3bets my open to about £25 and I put him in for another £25 and lose QQ v AK for a £100 pot. gg me.

Boxing was an absolute joke with Hatton outclassed from the opening bell. Pacman was far far too good. Hatton v DLH next?

Was going to leave after fight but heard rumours of a free breakfast buffet at 7.30am. Ended up about £50 down in the cash game which was shit and breakfast wasn't even that good.

Got home about 8.30am and immediately caught some sleep. Woke at 1 and watched another fairly dire episode of Britain's Got Talent.

A few options for tonight - either back out for some beers with guys from football or grind some heads up sngs on Stars. Won 14 in a row over Thursday and Friday which was nice obv.

All main selections for Derby are through. Lets go!



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moDtheGod said...

Excellent news about the Derby bets. Keep me posted.