Monday, 21 April 2008

Bad start for the A-Z!

Well, looks like my A-Z game got off to a bad start. AaB went a goal down on 27 minutes but their top scorer got his 13th of the season to draw them level, just before half time. Sadly, 1-1 is how it stayed.

As for the horse, although it came in as short as 7/1, it finished 2nd last, over 42 lengths behind the winner. I had a feeling it’d be spectacular, but not spectacularly shite!

Going to enjoy a desperate punt on Ashwood Daisy in the 21:07 at Nottingham. I know NOTHING about dogs, it’s just an attempt to get off ‘A’ on day one!

[Edit] Okay, that didn't even come top three. Won't be doing that again. I'm retiring to study stuff I actually know about, it's the start of the Punchestown Festival tomorrow. I will probably be on Pomme Tiepy, which was unlucky at Cheltenham (when I was on it!) and I will be scouring the cards for nags beginning with ‘A’!


20:10 Sedgefield
A Bit Chancy @ SP
½ pt e/w
Failed to place. -1 pt

18:00 Esbjerg v AaB
AaB @ 2.15
2 pts
Finished 1-1. -2 pts

21:07 Nottingham
Ashwood Daisy @ 4.8
1 pt
Didn't place. -1 pt

A-Z total: -4.00 pts
“Real” total: -2.00 pts

Days passed: 1


TheHat said...

Betting on Danish football and dogs?!!?

moDtheGod said...

Danish football ftw. Thought that was a stick on. Thought wrong :D