Friday, 25 April 2008

I am Scott - King of Hats

Hello there! Thought I'd best post since this whole shizzle was my idea but I've not really had anything to post about tbh. As I write this it seems we have had 320 views of the blog - almost 100% sure that will just be us 5 logging in.

So, um, let me think. Right, my name is Scott and I am awesome at poker and I love to gamble it up at everything and anything. Some might say that is how I roll! I dunno. Anyways, my other interests include Mixed Martial Arts (just watching, can't fight), Football Manager, Pro Evo Soccer and I quite like food. Seems I also like fashion which sounds somewhat gay and I'm prone to wearing a hat which has led to the nicknames 'TheHat' and 'scotty2hatty'.

My blogging will consist of my attempt to actually play poker. Going to deposit onto Ladbrokes Poker in May after my 4th year uni exams and then smash the cash games. Probably starting at .25/.50 - hopefully I can spin quickly and efficiently. I'll also be blogging any sports betting I enjoy. This will mostly consist of football and greyhound betting. Unlike Dom I actually place a few bets that win.

The main reason for me posting now is that a few of the Scoop Troop are heading to the Perth Races tomorrow so I'd thought I'd post up a selection or two so everyone can lay them cos I run bad at horse tipping. Hopefully Horneris comes up with the goods as he said he'd hook me up with anything he spots in the morning. He runs good, I think. Taking a camera and beer will be enjoyed so should be a sweet trip with a few stories to tell afterwards.

Anyways, lay these:

Perth 2.05: Spartacus Bay
Perth 4.35: Laertes e/w

tata for now,



Anonymous said...

blog sites are IP sensitive, those are over 300 unique hits.

moDtheGod said...

I doubt it tbh, it ticks every time I log in :D

Anyway, Spartacus Bay won't win that. I HATE maiden races, but if I had to bet I'd go with Justtheoneforyou, which is no doubt what we'll be saying to Kenny tomorrow, the lightweight.

moDtheGod said...

Oh wait a minute, I'm going to that race so I DO actually HAVE to bet.

Okay, £5 to win plz kkthnx

Mountain Man said...

Not only does it tick everytime we log in, but also everytime we navigate back to the homepage !

Hope you guys have fun at the Races, wish I was going...bit too far to come for a day though.

Never mind, York races next month, and the Ebor Festival in the summer. Scoop Troop outing, anyone ?