Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Today's bets.... maybe

Really struggling to find a winning bet today for ‘D’, so for now I shall leave it. There certainly isn’t anything I like on the horse front anyway. That said, Kenny’s mum looks like a horse and I like her, but that’s not what I meant.

My “real” bets today:

The first of two Dettori rides for me today, the spectacularly named, Langham-esque Fat Boy in the 16.30 at Ascot. The return to sprinting should favour the selection as he was a multiple winner over 6f last season and he’s proven at this level. Not proven on softer ground, which is a slight worry as it’s been raining quite a lot at Ascot, but still worth a point I feel. The official ground at the minute is Good to Soft.

In the 17:05 at Ascot, Bankable looks a sure thing. I had this as a 2 point bet in my notes overnight and Matt Doyle has done exactly that this morning. Bigger things are expected of the selection and it’s form suggests that it has every chance of a repeat course and distance win. You couldn’t ask for a better jockey, in Frankie Dettori. The only reasons I haven’t plumped for three points are the size of the field and the possible threat of The Snatcher, who won well last week.

Moving to Pontefract and the 17:15, another one that Doyle has picked this morning that was in my notes overnight (Scott will be loving this, I can hear him now – “All you do is copy Matt Doyle lolz!!11!) in the form of Force Group. I feel much better about this one now that Pitbull has withdrawn, so I will be backing it. It’s had success over course and distance (though on slightly better ground) and as it was an apprentice race, there’s no penalty for it. Furthermore, the jockey / trainer partnership have a strike rate of 30.43% for the last few years, with a level stakes profit of £18.21.

The weather is in serious danger of messing these bets up. I can just picture getting in from work tonight and absolutely raging at myself for going ahead with these. I’m going to hang on as late as I possibly can before placing the bets, so don’t be surprised to see an update saying I haven’t actually placed any!

16:30 Ascot
Fat Boy @ ??
1 pt
Non runner

17:05 Ascot
Bankable @ 2.65
2 pts
Didn't see the race, was out working. Seems to have won by a length and a half. Scoop! Return: 5.30 pts

17:15 Pontefract
Force Group @ 2.98
1 pt
As above, but a 3/4 length result. Return: 2.98 pts

[15:40 Update] Still waiting to place the real bets, but I'm going to place 1 point on Distinction in the 15:55 at Ascot, for my A-Z game only.

15:55 Ascot
Distinction @ 4.0
1 pt
Never really got into it. I'd looked at it the night before and left it, but backed it because of some late market support.

[16:01 Update] Fat Boy has withdrawn, so I won't be on that!

[16:40 Update] Placing the bet on Bankable and Force Group.

A-Z total: -9.43 pts
Days passed: 9

“Real” total: 11.37 pts


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