Monday, 28 April 2008

Football Quiz FTW

Since I'm not actually playing any poker at the moment I thought I'd do something constructive and post up a Football Quiz I created a month back and had forgotten about.

There is 30 questions and when you have your answers feel free to PM them to me on the DUPS or blonde forums (or simply in the comments box if you aren't a member of either forums). I'll then post how many you get right in the comments box. Highest score gets a pint from me (one day). Good luck, and enjoy.

Football Quiz
1. Which player scored a hat trick in the English Premiership this season but ended up on the losing side?

2. Name the three most expensive transfers involving Scottish players?

3. Which team won the UEFA Champions League in the 2003/04 season defeating Monaco in the final?

4. Who wears the shirt number ‘5’ for Chelsea?

5. Which country does Man City striker Benjani represent?

6. FC St. Gallen are a team playing their football in which country’s top flight?

7. Name the 3 Premiership clubs that Yakubu has played for?

8. Which English side play at Bloomfield Road?

9. Which German has made the most appearances in the English Premiership?

10. Name the last English manager to win the English top flight?

11. Which English Championship side are nicknamed ‘The Iron’?

12. Which club were relegated from the Scottish Premier League last season?

13. Who are the current German Bundesliga champions?

14. Who is the all-time top goalscorer in the English Premiership with 261 goals?

15. Who were Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink’s first English club?

16. Maritimo are a club side from which country?

17. Which Italian player won the European Golden Boot last season?

18. Which player after transferring in January this season became the player with the highest total transfer fees?

19. The FIFA World Cup final in 1982 saw Italy beat West Germany 3-1 in the final but who were the hosts?

20. Who were the last English club to win the UEFA Cup?

21. Which team in the Scottish and English first class leagues has the longest name?

22. From which club did Man Utd sign Brazilian Anderson?

23. From which team did Rangers sign striker Daniel Cousin?

24. Which Premiership stadium has the lowest capacity?

25. Which player in the Liverpool squad has the most international caps?

26. Which team has won the UEFA Cup in both of the last two seasons?

27. Which club’s stadium in the English Championship has the largest capacity?

28. Which player’s last 5 permanent clubs has been Sheff Utd, Leicester, Blackburn Rovers, Newcastle Utd and Manchester Utd?

29. Which Scottish club play their home games at Firhill Stadium?

30. Which Spanish side play their home games at the Mestalla?



moDtheGod said...

I know number 28!!! ;)

Neivel said...
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TheHat said...

Neil: 21/30

Good effort.

Numbers wrong: 1,2,4,8,12,16,17,23,27

TheHat said...

Tim (MountainMan): 26/30

V.good effort.

Numbers wrong: 8,9,24,25

Maybe I should have made it tougher! Next time!

Mountain Man said...

Some great questions there, and dead pleased with that score. I think we could maybe make this a weekly thing ? Both Adnan and myself (and Scott, obviously) are veterans of the quiz writing / hosting circuit ! (Of course Dom and Kenny would be more than welcome to do so also).

If anyone wants to discuss the answers they got wrong, I will be happy to do so, so long as you have taken the quiz already.

TheHat said...

Spiers: 20/30


Numbers wrong: 2,5,6,8,10,12,13,17,20,29