Sunday, 20 April 2008

The Scoop Troop

Hello ladies and gentleman,

Welcome to the blog of the newly formed 'Scoop Troop'. We're a group of guys who met at Dundee Uni through the Poker Society and are starting to part ways with people "graduating" and the like.

We thought it would be a decent idea to start a blog to track our poker playing and sports betting progress as well as general banter. We don't play high stakes, we don't play well, we don't win money but we do have fun.

Bear with us whilst the blog is in its infancy, hopefully everyone gets a chance to introduce themselves in the next few weeks and we can add full profiles and shit.

Should be a good laugh, with a mix of characters and writing styles so hopefully if anyone reads this they will enjoy it.




The Kenster said...

Get ready to roll people!

Mountain Man said...

Enjoy the ride...

3Foot2 said...


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