Friday, 25 April 2008

Mixed Fortunes

I carried my poor form from this morning's $5 + 0.50 NLH STT into an identical game early this evening, and this time bubbled after not really getting into any kind of rhythm, and by this point, the bank roll was looking very sorry for itself, back almost to where it had started, standing at $16. Feeling a little downhearted, I waded onto a 0.10/0.25 NLH cash table, and proceeded to recoup my lost $5, and left it at that, leaving a pretty loose table, where things could have gone either way. Most likely, my measly roll would have gone down the toilet, so in the interests of this investigation, I took a couple of hours break to gain my composure and enjoy the latest instalments of Coronation Street.

I returned, and played a 1000 man NLH freeroll on T6 Poker, a site I am relatively new to, and rolled in 67th, winning a laughable 0.06 Euro's, I will decide what to spend it on later, probably a go on Dom's mum...with cash to spare ! After sinking a beer or two, I decided to have one last $5 + 0.50 NLH STT to try and finish up for the day, and after some serious grinding, I got down to the cash. Despite dipping down to as little as 840 in chips, I bounced back to win handsomely, and the roll took a welcome jump to $37.10 ! Hopefully this good form can be carried into my next session.

Thanks for reading,
Mountain Man

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