Saturday, 26 April 2008

Perth aftermath / Saturday's bets

Yesterday was fucking awesome, one of the all time great days out. When I eventually get back to England, I will visit as many of the local courses as I can afford to, I live quite close to quite a few actually, including Southwell, Doncaster and York. But back to Perth – so many stories to tell, I don’t even know where to start. The old duffer who couldn’t work our camera, the drunk man falling about, the triumph of Laertes, Kenny not even knowing what nap means, but still cleaning up big time, Spierso’s inability to get a winner or a drink…

I toyed with the idea of not including my bets for the day in this blog, but as it’s supposed to be a log of all my bets, I think I have to. So here’s a quick run down of my betting at Perth yesterday.
14:05 – Justtheoneforyou, 1 pt e/w @ 15/2, placed third (second, but result adjusted due to interference) for a return of 2.5 pts (0.5 pts profit)
15:20 – Another Ambition, 1 pt win, came 4th. 1 pt loss.
15:55 – Rathowen, 1pt e/w, finished 5th. 2 pts loss.
16:35 – Getinbybutonlyjust, 1 pt e/w, came 8th. 2 pts loss.
17:10 – Stand On Me, something of a novelty bet as the trainer lives near my missus, we all put a few quid in a kitty to lump on at 20/1. It fell! 0.4 pts loss.
17:35 – my only winner for the day, Diablo. 4pts @ 10/3, 17.33 pts return (13.33 profit).
Overall: 8.43 pts

So that takes my “real” total to 9.61 points. Now, here’s today’s bets. No time for analysis as I’m meant to be working!

14:40 Sandown
Mahogany Blaze @ 8/1(Betfred)
0.5 pt e/w
Wasn't on ATR so I didn't see it. Was a value bet really, trainer/jockey in form, seemed a big price. Came 5th.

15:20 Sandown
Iris De Balme @ 5/1 (Paddy Power)
0.5 pts e/w
Didn't see this either, but Iris hasn't landed the big double. It did place though (4th) so I get my pennies back. Return: 1.13 pts.

15:55 Sandown
Rob Roy @ 4.7 (Betdaq)
1 pt
Finished second, wasn't worried by Medicine Path but didn't see Major Cadeaux winning it!

16:20 Punchestown
Franchoek @ 13/8 (Betfred)
1 pt
Disappointing run by Franchoek, think it's come 4th. Nowhere near the leader.

Going to add some pictures and videos of yesterday shortly, going to post this up now though as one of the races goes off soon. Plus I need to do some work in order to keep my job. Will update the post throughout the day.

Update [18:45]: going to put a point on Major Magpie in the 18:50 at Haydock. Only just seen this.

18:50 Haydock
Major Magpie @ 4.2 (Betdaq)
1 pt
Came third, I'm having a shocker today.

A-Z pick - Bookiebasher Babe, which ought to have enough to take this race down.

20:05 Wolverhampton
Bookiebasher Babe @ 3.1 (Betdaq)
1 pt
Good grief, came 2nd by a long way. Still on 'B'.

A-Z total: -7.30 pts
Days passed: 6

“Real” total: 5.74 pts

Some stuff from yesterday:

A ridiculous drunken guy, features falling over and awesome crowd reaction

Diablo tanks home, 7 lengths clear

Kenny and Scott

L-R: Jonny Spiers, Scott Campbell, Dominic Field, Will Walsh, Kenny McCreery. The guy who took it was an old duffer, couldn't work out how to use the camera. Hence the reason none of us look ready for the picture!

Orki Des Aigles, Jonny's pick, finally crosses the line, about half an hour after the rest. To be fair, it had fallen.

Spierso looks on, gutted at his inability to pick a winner in a one horse race...

Will and Scott, with ugly scenes in the background. Not sure which horse it was, but it collapsed en route to the paddock. The screens were up for ages, pretty sure that one is off to the glue factory. Sucks.

Kenny and Will enjoying bevvies.

Result of the steward's enquiry after the first race!


Mountain Man said...

That drunken guy is ridiculous ... "Action's on the floor !"

Wish I'd been there. Can't wait to return to Dundee for awesomeness.

TheHat said...

Brilliant post, well played.

Awesome photos and videos.

The Kenster said...

video is legendary - should go up onto youtube!!

Awesome post.