Sunday, 27 April 2008

Scooping at Perth and heaven

A couple of days ago, I told you i'd just deposited on pokerheaven. I'm happy to report that from $40 im on about $140 - whats more - it was the omaha cash tables that did it. Dont know what happened but every hand I played was pure gold, people were calling my raises preflop, i'd flop top set or the best hand, and be paid off by worse hands every time, it was incredible. So I may be playing more omaha in the future.
I have a feeling its down to who is at the table. At a 5 man ring game, just 1 whacko tilting player is enough to make you profit. So I'll look for the crazies next time.

As we've all heard, I was at the perth races. We were all dressed smartly for the fine day, and I dare say looked a hell of a lot better than most people. I noted at one point that I happened to be standing next to a man in a full white tracksuit.

On top of that, the day out was great fun, and I'm sure I'd say the same, had none of my four streaming winners come in.

First race of the day I tentatively put £5 on 5/2 classic moon and scooped.
I had Cedrus Libani in the next, which fell, and again the favourite won.
I think the next race was yet another favourites time to win: Guns and butter, an unusual name, but a sure winner, and I had that one!!
My dads tip Rathowen failed miserably as it trotted home a disappointing 5th after favourite Go Slow failed to heed its own advice.
The race I liked the most was were Laertes was the victor, as a few of us had that bet, at good odds of 9-1 or similar, and there was much lolling as that one came in.
I then proceeded to place a lucky dip bet on Spirits Calling, again at 9-1, and was so distracted by that drunk guy falling over that I hardly noticed it was in contention. After that it was a case of "my spirits golling" when it cleared first by a head or neck or tail or cup.
I do have to brag, I'm sorry if you guys think its gay but you're going to have to live with it.

Those races largely paid for what was a very enjoyable day and night out. I wish we'd all been more alert and in the mood for 10 more pints but I was suckered in by that damned texas holdem gayem!

From the racing side of things I think the Scoop Troop were well into the plus taking into account all of our bets. Well done to us!!