Wednesday, 23 April 2008

i r 3foot2, ALL HAIL FOOT

Guess I better get my foot in the door before this place is overwhelmed by tards. I’m adnan “3foot2” miah, u can call me foot it’s easier to type if u don’t have the numbers on ur keyboard. A little about me I guess; I like to play poker and various pc games including word of warcraft but I won’t bore you with WoW since I’m saving that banter for people that bore me with chat about…. Well anything a chap named Arran keable (he claims to be straight, I’m dubious) talks about. I’ve also been known to have not had a wank for over 80 days straight…. Hard times :(

So Scoop Troop are blogging stuffs O_o

My blogging posts are going to involve two sites, Full Tilt and T6. On Full Tilt I plan on depositing £200 of my hard earned cash and work through the $20 single table shenanigans. Hopefully I’ll get my bankroll built up enough to raise the stakes and go far in the world of poker fame. With T6, its gonna be freerolling my way to a decent bankroll then moving on to Single table stuffs to see what I can achieve from nothing. I’m aware Chris Ferguson done the same thing, but he’s known as Jesus, a famous Jew…. What did people expect?!

Apart from avoiding chat bans I’m gonna concentrate pretty hard on this venture so hopefully my posts here will be positive and not rants about how shit my life is.

Try not to take offence to my banter, I’m not that homophobic or sexist or anti-Jewish, its just lulz and bulz and stuffz at the end of the day, newayz..... keep checking for updates as i'm sure things will be interesting in this journey where we try to become big bois.



Mountain Man said...

Great post until the last paragraph when you started telling blatant lies !!! ;-)

TheHat said...


3Foot2 said...

i put a picture of ur boyfriend up, oh noes.... hes been cheating on both of u!!

moDtheGod said...

Really can't be arsed talking about that spastic. Can we keep it fag free now please? kkthnxbai