Saturday, 26 April 2008

The Casino Owns My Life!

The house runs so good at Texas Hold'em Shitfest Bonus. Lost a fortune there after having a decent run at Perth.

Scooped when one of my two selections, Laertes, wins impressively at 8/1. We got on at between 9-1 and 10/1. That was my highlight of the racing and was chuffed to have picked out a decent winner.

Found out that Kenny runs good at copying/guessing bets. Wp sir.

Found out that Jonny Spiers is a n00b when it comes to racing/life.

Found out that Dom is still gay.

Found out that burgers from the casino are very very decent.

So, picked out a few greyhounds earlier that won meaning I've pumped a few football bets on. Here is a few selections:

Sheff Utd 2.1 - edit: SCOOP.
Plymouth 2.26 - edit: SCOOP.
Carlisle 2.74 - nothing to see here.
Peterborough 1.92 - edit: SCOOP

Pass me the pennies please Mr. B. Ookie.



moDtheGod said...

Eh? We played Hull last week. At Bristol City today.

TheHat said...

Remembered after i posted it - ammended.

1-0 Plymouth.

TheHat said...

amended even, sigh

moDtheGod said...

We just missed a really good chance. Sorry. In other news, pigs are going down AHAHAHAHAHA

moDtheGod said...

Bettie's off injured by the way.

moDtheGod said...

Ehiogu gives away a pen, 1-0. He's just been taken off, Speed has dropped deep and we've thrown a forward on. Football Manager style! We do absolutely have to win though and a defeat/draw is no use, so we're going for it.

moDtheGod said...


moDtheGod said...


moDtheGod said...

Decent day for you

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