Monday, 28 April 2008

'C' you Jimmy!

I'm going to cheekily have a bet tonight on 'C' as I've spotted a nag on the evening card. This could round off a pretty good day on the A-Z front. I've put it in a seperate post to distinguish it from my day's real betting and 'B' action.

Frankie Dettori has a ride at Windsor and it's odds on with most of the bookies. The second favourite has a good pedigree but no experience and the rest are no threat on paper. Checklow has an entry in the Derby and made a good start (third) in what looks to have been a strong maiden. Very hard to see past it. As you will likely know, I'm not a fan of maidens and as such I won't be including it as a real bet, expecially not odds on!

19:40 Windsor
Checklow @ 1.56 (Betdaq)
2 pts
The briefest of scares, needed whipping just to get it moving but once it took hold, it was a comfortable winner. After spending so long on 'B', it's nice to get off 'C' after precisely 2 hours. Despite being encouraged to "play the rush" by the missus, I'll leave it until tomorrow to start on 'D'! Return: 3.12 pts

A-Z total: -6.43 pts
Days passed: 7

“Real” total: 4.44 pts

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