Thursday, 24 April 2008

Introducing... Ken the Kensteroony KenMan Ken dude guy

Hey everybody!

I'm Kenneth, or Kenny, or Ken, or K, or .

Its been a while, so bear with me while I recount the last four months.

A few months ago I wrote a blog of my poker adventures on Pokerheaven. If you read it, we went through the ups and downs of building a bankroll of $40 by playing the 5-man cash tables.
Over the course of three months I managed to climb through various levels, following rules which I made up in the beginning.
On the whole it was a great success: I got rid of most of my nagging debts, and was able to afford a trip to Nottinghams increasingly popular 'Dusk Til Dawn' poker club, as well as drinking several Doms-body-mass (Dbm) in beers.
There were plenty of shenanigans on that most enjoyable trip, including me getting knocked out of the £50+5 within about 10 minutes, everyone being in a splendidly drunken stupor most of the night and eventually playing the .5/1 cash table where I was told to stop drinking, or play poker: but not both!

Coming back from the two-day trip a few hundred sterling lighter, I again found myself in somewhat of a cash crisis. Cue the RBS Student Credit Card.
If you know what I'm like, you'll know theres no way I'll get a job unless someone physically places me in one. So into credit I went, trying my best to spend as little as possible and of course failing miserably.

At the end of March our society holds an annual 'DuSoP' which is like the 'WSOP' only better. It is a three day celebration of poker, or used to be. Nowadays its a place where old friends long finished with university life can come back together in one place for one ridiculously drunken weekend, with poker as a background distraction. Whats a credit card for?
This may have played in my favour as I actually took the poker fairly seriously and refrained from drinking between the hours of 12pm and 7pm, whereas a lot of the good players did not.
I managed to find myself lucky enough to win both the 7-card stud and the HORSE events, which boosted my meagre capital enough to allow me to join in the alcoholic frenzies where I could.
After that madness, the UKSPC was soon here, and I was easily peer-pressured into attending. Long story short - It was ok. I broomcorned to the second day where I was knocked out quickly, spent another £100 credit, was fully exposed in a hotel corridor for 0.8 seconds , and almost got attacked by an ex-soldier.

As it turned out, thanks to DUPS' sponsors at Betfair there were two seats in the $16k guaranteed held most nights of the week (I think) - a good tournament, if you can afford the $100+9 price tag - which I had qualified for due to my FL victories.
I bubbled the first tournament. However, lo and behold in the second tournament, I was quite fortunate to come 2nd place!! I was delighted, and received a whopping £1700.
From rags to riches surely, yes? Sadly, no, as that little credit card I'd been ignoring was almost 'maxed' out, and then comes along the quarterly gas bill, followed by a rather large phone bill.

So this brings us to now; to the Scoop Troop. My plans here are to do the same thing as before: build up an awesome poker bankroll so that I can drink, eat and be merry.
I have already deposited into Pokerheaven, $40 as before, still have rakeback, again using the same set of rules.
This time however, if as before I build up a reasonable sum, I will be:

1)Playing some multitable tournaments (I havent decided which site yet).
2)Continuing to go up and up the stakes at the cash games, and see how far I can go. For gambling sakes. For fun. Will I reach $50/$100 NL? I doubt it. I probably won't even reach .5/$1NL.
But it will be fun!!

Well I've rambled on just about enough, thanks for giving me space to do this

Until next time, Ken.


Mountain Man said...

Great read Ken. Although the thought of you being attacked by a soldier whilst naked is a very powerful image !

Mountain Man said...
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Anonymous said...

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