Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Doom & Gloom

FFS, this blog is one big beat. Very few winners from us recently, maybe we should get some bets from Ken, he runs pretty good at sticking a pin in the paper! Maybe we should try playing more poker, but that's boring.

Got a few dogs today that are going to turn my fortunes around:

- T5 Climpy Windmill (S'land 3.38)
Has recorded 28.11 and 28.14 over the 450m track recently. T1 and T3 have ran a touch faster but the selection should lead up and secure the win.

- T4 Catland Fern (S'land 6.04)
I expect this one to ping out in front and hold on. Two wins from last 5 and a couple of decent times which means the chasers will have to go some to catch it.

Dog of the Day:

- T2 Baron Leighton (Crayford 3.28)

Should hold a major lead at first bend as it sectionals are much faster than anything else in this race. Recorded reasonable times so I take it to hold on and secure me some pennies!

EDIT: Baron Leighton wins @ 3/1. Small scoopage. On T5 Director's Chair in the 9.35 at Oxford after Rookie pointed it out. Can't see it losing.

Good luck with whatever,


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