Monday, 9 June 2008

gogogogogogogogogo Romania!

On Romania at 48 on Betfair for a small stake. Also put a bit on Romania/Mutu top scorer at a pretty big price. They start their campaign tomorrow against France, win please. Had a small bet on Petric for top scorer but he looked shit today.

Abs gutted to see Podolski score two today as in my last post I said I fancied him for top scorer so obv I decided to not bet on him. This was mostly cos a guy in work who is big on his European football assured me that Podolski wouldn't be starting. Cock!

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks into the weight loss prop bet with CrazyBaz so I'll do a proper update on that tomorrow when I weigh in etc. Spoke to Baz today and I think he said he was down 8 pounds despite texting me every second day saying he was eating kebabs, drinking beer, and sucking cock.

Romania FTW.


P.S Welcome to our new blogger Will who seems to have chosen not to introduce himself - next post please sir.


StalkerB said...

Official weigh in this morning puts me at 13stone 4lbs for a 10lb loss.

Ah'm a gonna wee-eeen.

StalkerB said...

"You can be fairly certain a diet is unrealistic if it claims you can lose 10-20 pounds in one week. The recommended safe weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week. Any weekly loss greater than this amount is mostly a loss of water and muscle, and does not change the body's fat content. In fact, the more gradual the weight loss, the more likely it is to be permanent."

Hmm, might have to watch what I'm doing.

Not as if I'm not eating or anything, just not snacking so much.

Off for a cup of tea and kit-kat now though :)

TheHat said...

1-2 pounds per week - fuck off.

StalkerB said...

Why, you think that's not achievable? lol

I'm a gonna wee-eeen... and probably die of complications in later life.

Off for a diet Subway the now. Om nom nom.

moDtheGod said...

Fat fuckers. Tim should do this too. And Kenny.

Am I the only thin Scoop Trooper?

Anonymous said...

hehehe random person decides to post lol and what im i going to post about? nothing! why? cause i have no idea what the fuck you people are doing! making a good guess though, something about losing weight? why would you post something so meaningless that people dont care about on the internet? seriously? im looking at this out of boredom.

go me! im 100 pounds!