Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Weigh to go Russia!

I'm all over Russia tonight. They're all over Sweden at the moment so I hope they can turn the dominance into a goal. Arshavin looks lively and the left back, Zhirkov, looks vv good although I'm sure he is a winger on FM.

Cut 5 pounds in two days through pure hard work, abs pummelled my exercise bi


ke. Looks like the weight loss prop bet is gonig to be ridic close so me and Baz are currently discussing some modification to the bet so that someone doesn't lose by like 0.1% or something. I'll post up my pic of scales next time I get a chance.

Lets go Russia. Also, a win for Spain would be pretty nice too as I've doubled them.

Graduation tomorrow, should be fun.


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Mountain Man said...

Nice work Scott; looks like it all came in tonight for you.

Pleased to see my two "dark horses" are still in there for EW value (if only I had backed them lol). Turkey face Croatia (I think) and Russia take on Holland. Both tough ties, but, hey, when you get this far...