Monday, 16 June 2008

Fuck My Life!

Looks like I'm going to lose the prop bet with Baz. He seems to have shed a shit load of weight. I text him this morning and he replied saying he was 12,13, whilst I was the same weight as last week despite eating super healthy and working out a bit. Looks like I'm going to be shipping him the £75 but I'll keep trying, although graduation this week could be a nightmare.

I'm still praying he'll text saying he was only joking.



StalkerB said...

Nice post title, lol.

Nope, I do weigh 12-13, not messing with you or anything.

Scoop scoop scoop.

moDtheGod said...


StalkerB said...

What you sighing for?

moDtheGod said...

Scott moans about always being poor, I wonder if it's because he takes ridic bets on that he has little chance of winning!

His body was never going to be able to lose as much weight as yours in that space of time, basic biology.