Tuesday, 10 June 2008

A-Z review: Whooooa, we're a third of the way there....

After striking gold (orange, surely?) with Holland’s three goal triumph over Italy, the A-Z game is progressing nicely. I’m actually not even that much down overall! As I’m now a third of the way there, I thought it was time for a review.

A: I took 5 bets to move away from the first letter of the alphabet, eventually scoring with Artic Shadow in the 17:35 at Worcester on April 23rd. Sadly the string of 4 losers had already put me into the red. Roll: -5.30 pts.

B: I had six losers on ‘B’ before eventually striking lucky with Beat Seven, in the 17:40 at Windsor (April 28th). Roll: -7.55 pts.

C: My fortunes seemed to have improved as I found a winner for ‘C’ on the very same day as ‘B’, in the 19:40 at Windsor. Frankie Dettori cruised home on Checklow. Roll: -6.43 pts.

D: Had 3 losers before finding a winner for ‘D’, in the form of Don’t Be Bleu in the 18:40 at Huntingdon on May 1st. The horse was subject to a large gamble – I had 0.5 pts each way at 6.7 for the win part – the official SP ended up being 11/4! Roll: -7.08 pts.

E: A nasty one for me this, with seven failures (one placed when I was on e/w, but of course that’s not a winner so doesn’t count) before I hit the jackpot, with my favourite jockey Kirsty Milczarek, on board Ermine Grey (May 6th). Roll: -10.25 pts.

F: Only had two losers before moving away from ‘F’ and one of those was the 540 priced Farley legend, one of Scott’s Greyhound Derby tips. The winner was Dougie Freedman scoring late on in the Leeds vs Carlise Play-Off Semi-Final First leg match (anytime scorer, 2/1). Roll: -10.25 pts.

G: After a couple of small failures, I placed two bets on the same day, June 2nd: Germany to beat Poland in the European Championships (on June 7th) and Gravitation in the 17:00 at Leicester. I hadn’t really expected the horse to win, it was just a small e/w bet and I was surprised to see it win. Germany delivered too later that week, making ‘G’ my only letter so far to have provided more than one winner. I actually spent 20 days on ‘G’, the longest time by far, but that was mostly due to moving house and not having the internet – I only actually placed five bets on ‘G’. Roll after first winner: -10.52 pts. After 2nd winner: -7.29 pts.

H: Not really much to bet on beginning with ‘H’ and I took my time, waiting for the Holland vs Italy Game, to make my first bet for ‘H’. Holland duly delivered, winning by three goals to nil and providing me with my second “right first time” letter. Roll: -4.69 pts.

I: today is my first day on ‘I’ and to be honest I haven’t really looked around yet.

A-Z Roll: -4.69
Days Passed: 50

And here’s the rollercoaster:


StalkerB said...

I like how you don't have a positive Y axis.

moDtheGod said...

Time yet, time yet.

Will Walsh said...

This game sounds fun. I may have to try this sometime.