Sunday, 8 June 2008

Mini update

Tonight I work my last shift at Malabar and then in the morning I'm off to England for the forseeable future. It's not always been as bad as I've made it out to be up here; I've made a few good friends and there's a shade of nostalgic emotion about it all, but overall it's the right move for me if I'm ever to grow up, get a steady job and give my life some kind of direction, rather than the aimless drifting I've enjoyed these past two years.

We should have a meet-up in my neck of the woods in a couple of months. Perhaps Southwell races could be enjoyed, maybe fitting in a trip to Dusk Till Dawn too (both in the same area). Monday 28th of July could be a goer for afternoon racing at Southwell, with DTD the weekend prior to it. Maybe it's too soon, I don't know - get back to me on that one lads.

Anyway, my gambling slump continued until Thursday - I hit as low as 2.94 points on the bankroll before breaking my losing run with a 3 point lump on sure thing La Vecchia Scuola (which has actually cost me money recently) and things seem to be on the up once more. Matt Doyle and the RP got me another decent score on Friday with Emirates Skyline and Tartan Bearer, my only bet yesterday, made me a tiny profit when coming second to New Approach in the Derby.

Today I have another 3 point lump on, in the 16:20 at Worcester - Lord Ryeford looks a good thing. This was going to be me only bet, until I read Will's post. I have 2 points on Croatia now. Excluding these bets, here's my rollercoaster on the right.

In the A-Z game I will be enjoying a point on Holland to beat Italy at 3.6 (Betdaq) on Monday. I still have my Germany bet today for "G".

Germany vs Poland
Germany @ 8/13 (Stan James)
2 pts
Scoop. Return: 3.23 pts

Monday June 9th, Holland vs Italy
Holland @ 3.6 (Betdaq)
1 pt
3-0 Holland, return: 3.6 pts

A-Z total: -4.69 pts
Days Passed: 50

"Real" total: 12.71 pts


TheHat said...

price me up a trip please sir

Will Walsh said...

Good work on getting 8/13 on Germany. That price was a steal.

July may be too soon but I will defo be up for a trip down. We can surely do better than the all weather Southwell racing though-plenty of better courses nearby you!

moDtheGod said...

Haha, I know you dislike it, but it's really close to Nottingham (for them lot to enjoy Dusk Till Dawn) and there's more chance of me metting Kirsty Milczarek there....


We could do Nottingham I guess? I personally don't mind where we go, but I know that lot will not come down all that way just to go racing, it'll need to be poker and stuff too.

Will Walsh said...

Oh yea I'll play poker/drink beer/unsuccesfully chat up girls/abuse the locals etc!I wouldn't be coming just for the racing!

Mountain Man said...

York Races FTW !!!