Tuesday, 24 June 2008

"K" - Kosciusko

Not been betting again. Since my last post the only bets I've placed have been matched ones, whoring bonuses. Made £56 so far. My pal made a fortune doing this but he didn't have any betting accounts, I've already got loads so I can't rape as many new account offers as he did. Oh well, it's still free money.

For the A-Z game I'm going to back Kosciusko in the 21:10 at Newton Abbot. Hopefully A P will do the buisness for me.

21:10 Newton Abbot
Kosciusko @ 5.0 (Betdaq)
1 pt

A-Z total: -2.64
Days Passed: 62


Will Walsh said...

I can see K is going to be a hard nut to crack. By the way we I know how much you all like Kirsty Milcarazek and guess what-she is only bloody riding willhewiz tommorow night. Surely worth a couple of quid!

moDtheGod said...


moDtheGod said...

Okay, I wasn't going to bet. But Ijust looked up her stats and it seems she's back to form.

21st June, 10/1 winner (beating a 3/1 Godolphin nag); 23rd June 40/1 winner; 24th June 13/2 winner.

The one she won on yesterday, she also placed on the 21st, at 8/1.

Might well be worth a cheeky e/w nibble, you know....