Monday, 9 June 2008

Halfway Point Weigh-in

Above is the picture of my initial weigh in 2 weeks ago for proof of some of the doubters out there. Fat bastard I know. I'm still fat but less so.

Here's how it goes:

Starting weights - Scott 203pounds (14stone7pounds), Baz 196pounds (14 stone)

Current weights - Scott 191pounds (13stone9pounds), Baz 186pounds (13stone4pounds)

So I hold a slight lead at the moment but was surprised by my weigh in as I had been stuck on 13'10 - 13'12 for like 4 days. Obv the weight loss will slow down for both of us now so it is going to be extremely close imo.

Massive beat for me is that the Thursday before the end of the bet I have my graduation which involves food, beer and cakes. Then the Saturday is the graduation ball which is more of the same which isn't good for the weigh in on the monday.

One Time £75! Lets gogogo Romania!



StalkerB said...

Fuck you and your lead socks Campbell, lol.

Shall we assess and then look at doing a deal on the Thursday morning before graduation then?

moDtheGod said...

My mum has them scales.

StalkerB said...

Where do you think Scott weighed himself likes?

TheHat said...

sigh, back up a pound today

StalkerB said...

Me too, don't worry about it.

Standard deviation.