Monday, 2 June 2008

Inernet theft ftw!

Been trying to post for ages but it seems the blog has been poorly today...

We still don’t have the internet plumbed in at Laura’s new pad yet, but amusingly, some nearby n00b has failed to password protect their LAN and I have been able to leech their internet for the last couple of days. Problem is, I can only get a signal with the laptop pretty high in the air, which makes it a bit awkward, so I improvised and put the coffee table on top of the bed… presto, 30% signal and free internet.

So as promised, here’s a quick rundown of my betting activity in recent weeks.

I’m on something of a downward curve, I’ve been unable to buy a winner. The roll peaked at an all time high in May 25th (31.7 points) but ended the month at 21.49 points. June got off to a frustrating start, my two bets yesterday finishing 3rd (backed to win) and 4th (backed to place at a decent price). That left me sat on 18.49 points at the start of today.

I don’t think I have actually explained how my roll got so high in the first place, so here’s the story. After taking those few days off earlier in May, I went a bit tilty after my 3 point and 2 point bets didn’t win, the day I returned. I chased by putting a point each way on Any Given Day in the 19:40 at Salisbury after seeing the market move on At The Races and it won (5.4 win, 2.1 place) and at the same time, I put 2 points to win on Tayman in the 19:50 at Worcester. When Any Given Day came in, I put another 2 points on Tayman, which proceeded to destroy the field, scooping me a princely 18.4 points. Two days later, I was on Staying On in the 15:05 at Haydock (1 pt e/w at 9.8 and 2.87) which was a nice little return. So yeah, I basically went on tilt, got lucky and then followed it up with an okay couple of days.

Since then I have placed 21 bets and had just 3 winners and 3 e/w places (excluding today’s bets). I haven’t had a profitable day since Sunday 25th May, although that said, I’m not having absolute stinkers, I’m just slowly losing (Saturday I was down 0.92 points, Friday I was down 0.79 points, Thursday I was down 1.5 points etc).

My stats for the month of May:
No. of bets – 113
Total profit – 10.12 points
Level stakes profit – 5.25 points
Strike rate – 23.89%

My “real” bets for today:

15:15 Carlisle
Midnight Mystique @ 2.97 (Betdaq)
2 pts
With no cable I haven’t been able to see the race, but it seems it was pish and finished way down the field. Was pretty confident about it too.

16:00 Leicester
Boundless Prospect @ 2.85 (Betdaq)
1 pt
This won by a nose from a 66/1 shot and went off at 9/4. Almost feels like a defeat. Return: 2.85 pts

19:00 Windsor
Calistos Quest @ 20 win, 5.9 place (Betdaq)
0.2 pts e/w
Novelty bet really, Kirsty’s on board, only ride of the day :)
Seems it was second last. bol

19.30 Windsor
Cheap Street @ 8.2 win, 2.7 place (Betdaq)
0.5 pts e/w
Smashed into, went off at 5/1, came 5th.

20:00 Windsor
Sonny Red @ 8.6 win, 2.98 place (Betdaq)
0.5 pts e/w
Another fails to place. Hmm.

20:15 Thirsk
Saleima @ 5.8 win, 2.16 place (Betdaq)
1 pt e/w
And another fails to place, completing a shocker of a day.

And to finish, a couple of quick A-Z picks:

17:00 Leicester
Gravitation @ 8.7 win, 2.75 place (Betdaq)
0.5 pts e/w
Absolutely unreal, I saw this horse and just picked it because it was a nice e/w price and had a couple of promising runs under it’s belt – almost for the sake of it really. I saw it had shortened up a bit and actually went off at 5/1. I am a bit surprised that it won, though I expected it to run a place. Cool, on to ‘H’ with a ‘G’ bet still in hand :) Return: 5.73 pts

Sunday June 8th, Germany vs Poland
Germany @ 8/13 (Stan James)
2 pts

A-Z total: -10.52 pts
Days Passed: 42

"Real" total: 13.94 pts

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