Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Update & Wimbledon Bet

Ok so I'm starting to hit a major run of form since Saturday with my best run in a long long time. I'm hoping that I can keep my discipline and keep this run on the go without making any stupid bets or making rash decisions which has been a previous issue with me. I've had a fair bit of success in the last 3 days backing horses for places. The advantage I find in this is that there is that extra bit of leverage against shock improvement by opposing horses showing vast improvement. My two tennis bets have also both come up this week.

For tommorow at Wimbledon I can't see any match bets which struck me as value so I have moved to the set betting of a match to find some value.
Novak Djokovic is a quality player but is prone to losing a set in a 5 set match and Marat Safin is an enigmatic talent who will take advantage of any lapses. The bookies have Djokovic at 1/2ish to win in straight sets and whilst the betfair odds have yet to materialise I expect to be able to lay at around 1.70 and would lay at odds of up to 1.85.

Lay Djokovic to win 3-0 at odds up to 1.85


TheHat said...

scoop, Djokovic loses first set, wp.

Dominic said...

He got pumped! Safin was 14 on Betdaq last night. I don't know a lot about tennis, but he's an ex World #1 isn't he? Seems a bit ridic. Dokovic was NEVER a 1.07 shot I know that much, I saw his first round match and he wasn't all there.

TheHat said...

Yes an ex #1.

1.07 seems about right for Djokovic in this match-up imo.