Monday, 2 June 2008

EURO 2008 Bets

My selection for EURO 2008 is.......... ROMANIA!

I think they are outstanding value in this comp, with the best price available being 54/1 on Betfair at the moment. The reason for the large price is of course that they are in the 'group of death' alongside Holland, Italy and France. IMO Romania can beat any of these teams. "We've" got some very good players - Mutu, Chivu and Marica amongst others.

Holland: Romania were in the same qualification group as Holland and as such have "form" over them with a 1-0 home victory and a scoreless draw away from home. No doubt Holland have some quality players in their ranks but imo are very beatable opponents. Mario Melchiot is in the squad ffs.

Italy: Boring and I hate watching them but that's exactly what I had to do twice when they were drawn in Scotland's qualification group. Wasn't amazingly impressed by them and I wouldn't have them amongst my favourites.

France: FFS, Scotland beat them twice in qualification. Romania can almost certainly beat them on that kind of form. Think I've heard that they have plumped for quite a few n00bs in their squad. I take Romania to beat them.

Had a quick look at Top Goalscorer market and although I'm undecided a few jump out. Podolski @ 25/1 (BSQ), Petric @ 33/1 (Ladbrokes) and Mutu @ 66/1 (SkyBet) could all make their way into bets of mine.

I'll no doubt be back with my finalised bets some time before the tourney starts.

In other news the poker has went horrendously for me and I suffered so many beats, it was unreal. Sticking to tourns now. Finalled two in a row on WH but a 9th and a 10th are no good.

New feature of my blogs is dog of the day where I will post up my best greyhound bet whenever I post. Wish I'd started this yesterday cos napped a dog yesterday to Horneris and it scored @ 7/2.

Dog Of The Day:

T6 Lisloose Lawrie - 6.48 Nottingham


P.S. Anyone interested in a $20 Sweepstake on EURO 2008? Can be done by shipping the cash to me on 'Stars and I'll hold it til the end of the tournament. Leave a comment asap and if there is enough interest I'll set it up. Cheers.


Mountain Man said...

I'm fancying EW bets on Turkey (50/1) and Russia (33/1) for Euros. Not tips, hence I'm not blogging, more like personal fancies.

Might be up for a dabble in the sweepstake, Scott, will give you a shout later.

The Kenster said...

i am interested in this. i will win.

Pud's Poker said...

I think it'll be betweek the Czechs and the Portugese to be honest. A lot of people have tipped Russians but their star man is suspended for the first two games and without him they are weak as piss!

TheHat said...

what about crotia? surely have a chance.

3Foot2 said...

fuck off eastern europe; portugal ftw.

The Degenerate said...

Czechs or Croatia for my money. Although, I'm a shit better so I'm probably giving them the kiss of death.