Friday, 20 June 2008

Bronze Cannon can shoot to gold

Before I start, I would just like to point out the massive coincidence that is Kenny posting after having some success. Expect Tim to return to posting after winning an MTT and Adnan to reappear after selling a World Of Warcraft character for £1,000.

I haven't placed a bet since last Saturday. I didn't consciously choose to have a break, but I threw in a shocker on the Saturday (5/5 losing, including a 3 point bet) and got a bit huffy. Then I just worked a lot and found myself too busy to study any. Also I've been skint, especially with my ex-landlords deciding they don't want to give me back the deposit that they owe. Sigh, I really can't be arsed with a petty legal battle, ship me the money already, it's all written down and you're just going to look silly...

So yeah, I've resisted the temptation to bet for a while, even with Royal Ascot on. It's actually been interesting watching purely as a spectator and it's probably done me good to learn that I can watch a race and not have to have a bet to keep it interesting.

That said, today is pay day and I'm probably going to get back into the punting swing of things. There's a couple I like the look of at Ascot. Patkai in the 16:55 Queens Vase looks a good thing. I'm happier backing it now that Moore's shrugged the monkey off his back, scoring his first ever Royal Ascot winner in the last yesterday. If it stays, it should win.

My best bet for Ascot though is Bronze Cannon (pictured, red cap) in the 15:05 King Edward VII Stakes. Connections rubbered the Derby for this one and I'm sure he won't disappoint them. Will enjoy the ground and beat Derby 4th place Doctor Fremantle before following up in style in an admittedly not that great handicap, but still 10lbs higher in the weights. I'll be gobbling up the 9/2.

I will also be backing Total Impact again, over at Redcar. My nap for my trip to York ran well in defeat from a crap draw and is running off the same generous mark in a smaller field (from another duff draw it must be said) but must surely go one better. Moriarty's 3lb claim is a nice bonus too.

15:05 Ascot
Bronze Cannon @ 9/2 (Betfred)
3 pts
Disappointed. Got a poor start and never recovered. not sure what happened really.

16:10 Redcar
Total Impact @ 3.35 (Betdaq)
2 pts
Didn't see the race but it's come second by a neck. Will try to view the race later to see if it's had excuses. Seems like it's been unlucky.

16:55 Ascot
Patkai @ 2.73 (Betdaq)
2 pts
VERY impressive. VERY. Return: 5.46

For the A-Z game, I'm taking a punt on Intersky Melody in the 17:20 at Redcar. There's a couple of others that could win it, but I think this one is nicely weighted and can give me a run for my money at an okay price.

17:20 Redcar
Intersky Melody @ SP (5/1)
1 pt e/w
Cha-ching! Wish I'd not gone SP, it touched 7/1 to win on Betdaq before the off. I'd have been in the black! Returns: 8.25

A-Z total: -0.44
Days Passed: 60

"Real" total: 12.48


Will Walsh said...

Your blog sounds just like me-bad run, not bets on Ascot all week, pay day today and a big fancy for bronze cannon. Just over 4/1 on betfair now but still looks briliant value. I'll probably do an accum today with selections

Ascot- Bronze Cannon, Patkai,Bushman,
Musselburgh-Sunnyside Tom
Redcar-Just Bond

Also keep an eye out for Tusculum in the 8.30 at Goodwood.

Good luck with the punting.

StalkerB said...

My punts for today (as per the email I sent Dom/Kenny/Scott).

Could have fannied around and got better prices on them.

Cuis Share - £10 @ 2.16
Please Sing - £4 @ 10.5
Art Princess - £2 @ 19
Daisy Moses - £2 @ 44
Jet D'eau - £2 @ 15

City Leader - £5 @ 11
Winchester - £5 @ 13

Modern Look - £10 @ 9.8
Love of Dubai - £10 @ 65

Age of Reason - £10 @ 11.5

And when I start losing I'll go chasing on other horses :D

moDtheGod said...

Just Bond was pretty impressive at York on Friday, running 2nd behind the other horse with Bond in the name. Was 25/1 too!

StalkerB said...

Bushman out and down to 11 runners. Betfair still paying 4 places.

Get on Monte Alto or Emirates Skyline for 1.5x your money.

1/3 of the field places.

StalkerB said...

Well, that didn't work :D

Thankfully Patkai clawed some back in the next.

Mountain Man said...

I aren't blogging cos I aren't playing ! I've signed into both 'Stars and T6 several times in the last few weeks and really don't fancy playing poker. I've lost the desire right now. I'm hellish nervous about this operation too.

Still on with FM a good bit though, I could bore you all with that, but instead will just bore Dom with it on MSN sometime.

As for Adnan, well I don't know. Perhaps he has some kind of online access issue, I haven't spotted him on MSN for a while. I don't have his mobile no to drop him a text either. Anyone know if he's ok ?