Sunday, 22 June 2008

Kaateb can clean up at Pontefract

Oh yes, I may have got my timing spot on again. I expected to struggle with "J" but found a sure thing first time out and "K" could also be a tricky one. It looks like I may have found another good thing however, in the 15:10 at Pontefract. Kaateb only just missed out on his reappearance and is fancied to go one better this time. Detonator looks to be the threat, but the handicapper might have hold of him already. Envisage should be there or thereabouts but will likely need the run.

15:10 Pontefract
Kaateb @ 2.23 (Betdaq)
2 pts

A-Z total: -1.64
Days Passed: 61


Will Walsh said...

Ouch-done on the line. I was all set to go in on this one but it was shocking value in the end so went for Envisage.

moDtheGod said...

Never saw the race, I can take losing but don't like losing on the line!

In reality, I'd never back it at that price either, especially when Trading Post in the RP is bigging up Envisage. The truth is though, despite the lack of value, I'm not confident of getting off "K" and need to take chances when they come!

moDtheGod said...

Fuck, never realised the SP was 4/5! I didn't too badly then!