Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Small betting my way

Im not present on this blog enough so heres a rather lame update of my gambling life.

When the Euro 2008 finals started I decided I couldnt handle life without a gamble.

I've sort of fell out of love with poker at the moment, and my dreams of building a super poker roll were torn apart when I gave up and played blackjack instead and lost. Im not sure about poker anymore, which is a shame as it used to be fun.

On top of that I'm skint so there wasn't going to be much that I could contribute to the Scoop Troop blog, except my mum for your mum jokes.

But at some point I found a spare £12 that I wasnt using and whacked that into bluesquare to begin frolicking around with.
What I decided was: £12 isnt a lot of money so why not just bet £1 on everything you want to bet on, that way you can get plenty of bets on the go. How gay, indeed.

With little to no modern football knowledge, this was going to be tricky.
My tactic was to bet on results that I felt were quite likely, with lots of hedging.
I put money on shit loads of 'correct score' bets and the like, only managing to keep my tiny bankroll afloat when Sneijder gets MOTM at 8/1 and Sweden win 2-0 vs Greece at 11/1.
After a while I was running quite well at £6.50 up with bets on holland to win e08, germany to get to the final, and portugal to the semis, before todays matches.

Thanks to 'skinny' baz who recommended Haradasun to me at Ascot. If i wasnt such a stingy cunt the amount staked may have broken the £5 barrier. But yeh I did bet on that £2.25 e/w and got paid off when it won.
I then pushed the boat out and bet a massive £2.50 on these three, hedging as usual.
Under 2.5 goals @ 10/11 France v Italy £4.77
Italy 1-0 @ 15/4 To Win - Lose
Italy 2-0 @ 100/30 To Win - £10.83

And finally £1 on Holland 2-0 @ 14/1 To Win - £15

So yeh I'm actually scooping somewhat tonight! £30 profit is pennies, and pennies is what we're playing for!
Thats me just about even from the madness of the greyhound derby. I was gutted when 40/1 Toosey blue got put out in the semis as it had a great chance of winning if it got through to the final. And Kryptonite was about as useful as Adnan on a football pitch even though it got through to the final.

I've still got £10 in the account for more fun betting too, so give me a shout if you have any more lovely bets for a skinto like me.

As for Stephen - mon the Dutch! I've always liked 'em, I swear.


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