Monday, 12 May 2008

Ah blog, my old friend.

Ach its been a while, too long. And I didn't intend to desert the Scoop Troop for such a time. Alas, my head hasnt been screwed on, and I too am technically 'busto', so heres an update of whats been going on.

After reporting that all was well, I had a couple of weeks in between exams with enough free time to lark about in the poker world. Also, my rakeback had come in, to the tune of over $110 if I recall correctly. At the time this brought my balance up to roughly $280, though it was not to last.

Astoundingly, a rather pretty orange toshiba laptop had been purchased for me, by none other than that fine gentleman: me! And so I proceeded to gorge myself on the delights of poker, windows vista, and that built in chess game they have.

Again, if you'd read my very first post on the other blog I wrote, it mentioned me going on tilt and losing in past encounters with poker - well of course it happened again. Away with the bankroll it was, after a couple of days of solid tilt poker, it was all gone - I could've bought a psp with that!!

Actually, I know this is going to sound silly but on some level of consciousness or unconsciousness or whatever you want to call it, at some level I believe I seen my next exam approaching and thought "I'll need to study for that - theres no way I can study if I've got poker" and deliberately sabotaged myself.

Allegations involving me betting on the 2008 Greyhound Derby hosted by Bluesquare are in indeed true, and no less than 6 of my dogs are still in the competition, maybe because I bet on about 50 of them (not really 50, its a joke, exaggeration for comic effect.) Approximately 48 dogs remain, and the third round has been drawn for those interested punters, click here for a pdf of the draw. And have a look at heat 4 - my selections are Toosey Blue, Kryptonite, Farloe Reason, Farley Legend, Love Tiger and Splanc (I love the name Splanc!). A very exciting weekend awaits me.

At some point, you might've have realised I've started every sentence with a word beginning with the letter 'a', and theres no real reason as to why I did it.

And a few more things: I've finished my exams, so I should be starting up poker again pretty soon, probably just at pokerheaven again, but maybe somewhere else, we shall see.

Always and forever,



TheHat said...

Ken does not begin with A

TheHat said...


3Foot2 said...

Areshole, go top up.

moDtheGod said...

Adnan begins with 'A'.

Freedman begins with 'F'. So does 'ftw'.