Thursday, 15 May 2008

Shit few days

I've had a shit few days. I am 10.1 points down since my last blog post, largely thanks to a terrible Perth yesterday. I have only had one winner today and I never had a single winner at Perth. In fact, none of the four of us that went had a winner either! To add insult to injury, we narrowly missed a train and got there late, meaning Gav was unable to place his bet in the first race - he was opposing the favourite with Hi Density, which won.

Something of a stinker, to be honest.

Still, here's some ridiculous pictures to cheer you all up. I especially like Kenny spilling his beer down himself and us laughing, then Scott doing exactly the same thing seconds later. Also to be enjoyed was being asked by a random foreigner in the pub: "Excuse me, do you have any cocaine?" - wtf?! - and the taxi driver with her chat. Oh and as we left, she said "thanks for chips". No, she really did.


£50 on Commercial Express please.



Kenny mongs his drink all down his front within seconds of getting it.

Campbell does exactly the same, moments later.

Group photo.

Gav was pretty drunk.

Kenny was too.

What the hell is Scott doing?


Pissheads outside Foundry.

Campbell... from an angle!

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cast of fucking oliver twist.