Friday, 9 May 2008

Greyhound Derby Round 2 (+ update)

Round 2 kicks off tonight at Wimbledon with again the heats split over two days. Can't wait for this tonight and thanks to BlueSquare for streaming it.

Update on my selections:

Rossacredibility @ 16/1 - Bloody thing is out. Didn't trap well and I think it actually came last in its heat. Trainer Lister was making excuses for it at the start of the night so had a feeling it wasn't going to run well.

Melodys Pat @ 33/1 - Won its heat pretty well defeating champion Westmead Lord. Cut to 25s on BSQ but still available at 38 on Betfair. It runs tonight, my thoughts on its chances a bit later.

Kryptonite @ 33/1 - Also won its heat quite well and has such been cut to 16/1, with 18.5 available on Betfair.

Blonde Jeannie @ 100/1 - Another which won their heat but was in a slow time so I'll be looking for improvement in Round 2. Cut to 66/1 but 130 available on Betfair.

Barnfield Woody @ 150/1 - A comfortable 3rd place finish in the 1st round and a performance which leads me to believe this dog has more to give. Still 150/1 on BSQ but 260 on Betfair.

Love Tiger @ 150/1 - Absolutely fell out the traps in the 1st round and will need to trap much better if it is going to qualify tonight. Available at 200/1 now with but shorter available on Betfair (120).

Farley Legend @ 500/1 - Delighted with the performance in the 1st round as it broke and railed well and was only pushed into 3rd when collared by two on the line. Runs tonight and I expect improvement and qualification. 300/1 on BSQ now and 540 on Betfair.
Added: Barnfield Slippy @ 66/1 - Impressive performance in the 1st round after taking a hit at the first bend before winning the heat in a good time. Now 20/1 with 30 available on Betfair.

Tonight's heats are going to be awesome with a great start to the card in Heat 1 (8.15pm). One of the favourites, Farloe Reason, takes on another contender in Barnfield On Air. Farloe Reason is in T2 with Barnfield On Air on its inside. I expect Barnfield to lead it round in a very close race with Romeo Maldini improving on its 1st round performance to qualify in 3rd place.

I've selected Carlsberg Flash to win Heat 2 (8.30pm) tonight at c.9/2. It absolutely pings out the traps and I expect it to always lead with Westmead Lord and Blonde Dino following it home.

Heat 3 (8.45pm) is another cracker with Tyrur Kieran (T1), Toosey Blue (T5) and Advantage Johnny (T4) selected to qualify in that order. Tyrur Kieran has slower starting dogs on its outside so should be able to secure the rails. That said I like Toosey Blue and he is tremedous value for the Derby at 40/1.

Droopys Wells will nail Heat 4 (9pm) from T6 but is too short for me to back.

My biggest price selection, Farley Legend, runs in Heat 6 (9.30pm) and will qualify. Should break well from T1 and rail all the way round. It could finish behind fast starting Droopys Tobey, we'll see. Droopys Obafemi is also selected to qualify from this heat.

Two of my selections run in Heat 7 (9.45pm) in the shape of Love Tiger and Melodys Pat and I expect the latter to win this heat by making all from T3. I think Love Tiger could struggle here if it doesn't break better.

Thanks for reading and if you have any selections for the Greyhound Derby please let me know.



moDtheGod said...

Good stuff, interesting read.

TheHat said...

Farley Legend through in a 3rd in a blanket finish.

And Love Tiger, to my surprise, has just won its heat. With my other selection Melodys Pat back in 2nd.

Woopity woop.

TheHat said...

And Love Tiger records 28.29!!! Just outside the track record!

3Foot2 said...

i c, might have to start betting on these horse and dog types.