Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Back In Business... And Some Things Never Change

Having a spare hour or so this afternoon, I decided to play a quick STT, choosing a $10 NLH, having reloaded my account in Pokerstars. Things went pretty well, not losing a race, with TT and QQ holding up against AKo each time I was put in a situation for all my chips.

Looking like making a nice double up when we got three way, I reraised all in with my J8d (yes, Crazy Baz's hand) on a flop of 2c 3c 8s. I was called by the most token of hands, "Sergeant Lobster" (Kc 3d) and of course, I inevitably lost to his running flush ! Yes, folks, the legacy of Pokerstars continues as ever ... :-(

So despite picking up a princely $8 profit, I was left feeling pretty annoyed with myself and the game. The most annoying thing was the Brendan Will play a-like, who was sat with little over 1k in chips hoping to broomcorn to heads up, who immediately congratualated the fish with a "VNH"... anyone who has ever played poker with me will know that this of course had the same effect as a red rag to a bull !

I'm expecting a chat ban on 'Stars anytime soon ! :-)

Thanks for reading,
Mountain Man


Anonymous said...

i dont play other peoples hands. they never seem to work out for me and seem for you too. Horrid call from him post flop, but i guess he was ahead preflop. stop playing other folks hands is all i can suggest, and prob what stars would say if u relayed that to them.

Mountain Man said...

As it was only 3 way and the button folded, I completed from the SB to play it; pretty much knew I was ahead on the flop but it wasn't to be. Normally I wouldn't touch such junk ;-)