Thursday, 29 May 2008

Bored in Braes

Well, I haven't posted for a while so I best keep you up to speed. I am currently homeless. The missus and I moved out of our place officially on the 27th and I am staying in her new place until I can get someone to drive up from Ingerland (which looks like being June 9th) to pick me and my shit up. We haven't got the internet yet and won't get it until June 4th, so for the last couple of days I've been enjoying Braes (formerly Raffles) on Dundee's Perth Road - Wi-Fi for the win... or the fail in my case as I haven't had a single winner from bets placed in here!

I can't update on my roll overall as it's all saved on my desktop, which is boxed. A guesstimate puts it around 21pts, but that could be wrong. I have quite a few bets today, I shan't be leaving the pub until they're all matched, so I might end up staggering home, which works for me.

I haven't forgotten about the A-Z game, I just haven't seen owt for a while combined with moving/lack of internet. I will be having a small e/w punt on Geojimali in the 20:40 at Newcastle though, to try and get away from 'G'.

Anyway, I will post a full update of all my interesting GAMBOOOOOOOLing when the net gets installed at the wife's pad. One time dealer.

20:40 Newcastle
Geojimali @ 8.8 win, 3.2 place (Betdaq)
0.5 pts e/w

A-Z Total: -12.25 pts
Days passed: 38

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3Foot2 said...

aww big cuddles, i really need to make it up before u leave otherwise i'm gonna have to come down south to see u again. i'm still really up for a wee trip to england this summer for some pokering with u poker chaps, just a matter of what weekend is best for whom and when i guess, could invite along these other bloggers that have made it to out little list next to us.