Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Being too poor to build a bankroll sucks. That's me just in from paying my rent. I can't wait to get moved out of this place and get settled in a new job, with regular hours and steady pay. The month in between flats staying with my folks will be a massive help too - no rent, no council tax and no bills saves me almost £375 right there, so I will actually be able to build a roll, rather than dipping into it every five minutes.

So let's get on with building the fucker. Here's what's going to help make me rich today:

In the 14:20 at Kelso, I really liked the prospects of Twelve Paces overnight, but this morning there's been some support for what I think is it's main rival, Bene Lad. Of course, that won't stop me backing the selection, I'll just be a bit more cautious and only go in for a point.

In the 15:10 at Chepstow, I liked Party In The Park overnight and this morning two of the main threats have withdrawn, which I'm delighted with. It's not even hurt the price that much. Will stick with a single point though as it's a competitive race (on paper at least).

The 16:00 at Southwell looks an interesting one. The RP made Cotton Eyed Joe their nap and GG.com went with it also, but I really liked the look of the top weight horse, Bentley Brook. Now this morning, Cotton Eyed Joe has withdrawn and Bentley Brook has fallen to 4.1 (from the 6.3 that was there last night, annoyingly) so I don't really know what to do. I was going to back it e/w as The King And I has a very good chance too, but I can't even get 1.85 for the place on the exchanges at the minute. I think I will leave it for now and decide closer to the time, see what happens in the market. [Update] Fuck it, I think this is worth a point to win.

I haven't found anything for the A-Z game yet, I'll have a think later. I see Ermine Grey is running (under my favourite lovely jockey too, Kirsty Milczarek!) but the fucking thing has cost me a bomb in the past. It's one of those that loves placing but never chuffing wins. That said, if there's nowt better I might as well say "fuck it" and GAMBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!

[Update] "Fuck it" :-)

15:40 Chepstow
Ermine Grey @ 8.6 win, 2.96 place (Betdaq)
0.5 pts e/w
Well I never. The awesome Kirsty Milczarek has scored another winner. It must be because I had no real money on it, every time I back this horse it comes 2nd or 3rd. it won and it won well, a good ride as every by Miss Milczarek. Return: 5.78 pts

In other news, I caught Kenny loitering outside the gents last night. He thought noone had seen him. Pretty sure he was meeting Neil Porter in there at some point for some serious anal action.

14:20 Kelso
Twelve Paces @ 4.4 (Betdaq)
1 pt
Probably left with too much to do. Finished third and ran on pretty well from miles back.

15:10 Chepstow
Party In The Park @ 4.3 (Betdaq)
1 pt
Was delighted to see the money come for this, it went off 2/1. It never got a clear run though, it started wide and ended up on the rail, everywhere it went, another nag moved to block it. It ran on okay once it finally got a clear run but it was far too late by then and it just missed out on third. Just unlucky, for me.

16:00 Southwell
Bentley Brook @ 4.2 (Betdaq)
1 pt
Money came for this too, SP was 5/2 so I'm delighted with this call. Who knows if the RP would have been right, all I know is I fancied this one as soon as I saw it and it won. A "cheeky" ride by Sophie Doyle, who is fast becoming one of my favourite up and coming jockeys, because she keeps winning me money! Return: 4.2 pts

A-Z Total: -10.25 pts
Days passed: 15

“Real” total: 15.99 pts

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