Friday, 2 May 2008

Greyhound Derby

Move over Dom, Scott is here!

The BlueSquare Greyhound Derby kicks off tonight at Wimbledon with the first round heats spread over tonight and tomorrow evening. It's not on TV but available to watch on the BlueSquare website I believe - don't know if you have to bet with them to be able to watch though.

I took a while looking at the card last night and a bit this morning, and I've came up with a few bets which look decent. It's a highly competitive field this year and picking the winner is obviously going to be tough. Not major stakes for me due to my poorness so hopefully these give me a good run for my money. Prices are all BlueSquare.

Rossacredibility @ 16/1 - Most probably is far too short but is a major fancy of mine. Breaks consistently fast and has produced some great times around Wimbledon. Good chance imo.

Melodys Pat @ 33/1 - Attracted to this dog's good EP and has produced decent times recently in 480m runs and 460m solos. Open to further improvement I believe.

Kryptonite @ 33/1 - A dog who likes to win. Has good EP over the 460m trip and has clocked good times, hopefully this can be translated to the 480m at Wimbledon.

Blonde Jeannie @ 100/1 - Decent price for a dog who has produced some cracking starts. Hopeful of progressing through a few rounds where the price should tumble.

Barnfield Woody @ 150/1 - Expect this outsider to go well. Clocked some good times over 460m with reasonably quick and consistent breaks.

Love Tiger @ 150/1 - Clocked a fast time over 460m a couple of races back and like a number of my bigger priced selections I'm hopefully it can progress through a few rounds where the price will be chopped.

Farley Legend @ 500/1 - Made my notes last night and was surprised to find that it was such a massive price. Tremendous value and a dog open to improvement. One Time!

Anyone else on anything in this? What you think of my selections? Comment away.

In other news, a few troopers played the £30 NLH FO at Dundee Gala on Wednesday and a laugh was had with my highlight being Kenny busting someone with T5 v. A10 aipf. I didn't run so good and busted 3 tables out when I lost a toss. Such a weak field down there that we should be crushing the games but these fish are like piranhas, too fucking many of them!

One exam left on the 13th of May so after that I'll be depositing online and playing a lot more poker and thus posting more on here. Really looking forward to crushing some games.




Ukgatsby said...

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Drum Poker said...

Looks like I found this link a few days too late. I had tipped Barnfield on Air before friday as Blue Square had him at 20/1 and were offering a few £25 bet to new accounts.

If you want to know any more about my thoughts look at my web page Greyhound Derby 2008 and maybe even come on the trip to Wimbledon.

Airport Cabby aka Drm Poker