Sunday, 4 May 2008

Today's Selections

Well, I've got up MUCH later than planned and haven't had chance to find much, so this entry is going to be somewhat "in-running".

You've already seen my Guineas bet and Matt Doyle has found a decent looking shout which goes off in ten minutes. I'll add these in now and commence the search for more bets after that.

COME ON YOU BLADES! [Every fucking result went against us today. Sick!]

14:05 Newmarket
Gulf Express @ 4.3 (Betdaq)
2 pts
Hmm, not sure where this finished but it looks to have disappointed.

15:20 Newmarket
Kitty Matcham @ 13.0 win, 4.4 place (Betdaq)
1.5 pts e/w
Some run by Natagora, proving once and for all that it can stay the 8f. She looked to have faded with half a furlong to go but she rallied and got up to beat Infallible.

15:40 Salisbury
Monterrico @ 2.4 (Betdaq)
2 pts
No idea what's happened here either, but another that's not even placed. I'm having the worst day ever.

17:15 Hamilton
Ingleby Princess @ 9.5 win, 2.9 place (Betdaq)
0.5 e/w
Ran a place, came 2nd. Return: 1.45

17:50 Hamilton
Babyshambles @ 5.0 (Betdaq)
3 pts
Can't believe thi shasn't won. Gutted.

A-Z Game:
Like the e/w prospects of the Murtagh ride in the 15:55 at Newmarket.

15:55 Newmarket
Enticing @ 5.7 win, 2.05 place
1 pt e/w
Ran a decent race, third place. Not a winner though, still on 'E'. Return 2.05 pts.

A-Z Total: -11.03 pts
Days passed: 13

“Real” total: 3.1 pts

Well, I've managed to cripple my roll today and Sheffield United were shit. Oh well, tomorrow is another day. Gambooool!

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